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2018.05.21 NEW
Tokabenizaru, a tiny but famous ramen restaurant, that comes with an unusual topping: finely cut rock seaweed
If you are in the Arakicho area by yourself and feeling hungry, ramen is probably your best choice f
2018.05.18 NEW
What to do in Tokyo this week? May 21 - May 27
Food, beer, yoga and traditional festivals... there are plenty of events to chose from this week ! W
2018.05.17 NEW
A walk around ‘Your name’ real-life locations and related places in Yotsuya, Tokyo (Part 1)
Did you know that most Tokyo locations that can be seen in ‘You name’ are real places that you can v

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Here is some great ramen from Tokabenizaru in Arakicho (Tokyo).
Learn more by reading David’s article:
#ramen #noodles #japanesefood #lunch #japanesenoodles #新木町 #arakicho #shinjuku #tokyo #japan #tokyorestaurants #food #foodieDo you know why we are called 'Tadaima Japan'?
It's because we would like you all to enjoy Japan so much you will feel at home and will want to come back again saying 'Tadaima' (I'm back) !
From now on, learn a little Japanese every Tuesday with Tadaima Japan!

#japan #japanese #japaneselanguage #nihongo #日本語 #tadaima #learn #tuesday #ajapanesewordaweek #japonais #learnjapanese #languagesHi everyone ! How is your day going? (*'▽')
It's not always easy to get back to work on Mondays...
Luckily I have this little guy on my desk to motivate me. 
It's a Japanese lucky charm called 'Daruma', and it is supposed to grant a wish I made when drawing his left eye. If my wish is granted, I will paint the other eye. Then he'll keep looking over me. Isn't it adorable?
By the way it was offered to me by David, fellow writer for Tadaima Japan. He brought it back from Takasagi, a place very famous for its Darumas. Thanks David !
Do you also own something Japanese to bring you good luck or keep you motivated ?
Tell us in the comments! (^^♪
- Amelie from the Tadaima Japan editorial team 
#monday #motivationmonday #japan #daruma #luckycharm #japanese #japanesetraditional #madeinjapan #japanlife #tradition #wish #craft #redDid you know that you can visit most of the locations of the movie ‘Your Name’ in the Yotsuya area? Check our map and pictures here: NOT MISS SANJA MATSURI THIS WEEKEND
It’s Tokyo’s wildest and most popular traditional festival, and it will take place in Asakusa for three days. 
There, you can see Shinto priests, authentic geishas (a rare sight in Tokyo), all tattooed gangsters (for real!), and of course happy locals and their children gathering together to celebrate the local spirits. Come have a look at the most impressive Tokyo festival and meet Japanese people more excited than you have ever seen them before!
Friday - Start: 1:00pm
Daigyoretsu Parad: a procession of city official, real geishas, and dancers wearing Edo period costumes. They will proceed along Yanagi Doori to Sensoji temple and Asakusa Shrine.
Then there will be a Shinto ceremony and dances. The first mikoshi (portable shrines) will be carried in the streets.
Saturday – Start: 12:00 am
More than 100 mikoshi will parade in the streets! Not to be missed.
From 6:00 am hundreds of revelers will carry the three biggest mikoshi inside the temple (no visitors are allowed close due to safety concerns), then will parade all the streets of Asakusa until the end of the evening.
Place: Sensoji Temple and Asakusa Shrine
2 min on foot from Asakusa Station. We recommend using the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.Kotohira-gu shrine, also called Konpira shrine in Toranomon (Tokyo) embodies the ‘tradition and modernity’ concept. This shrine is an offshoot of the shrine in Kagawa prefecture bearing the same name. It’s in Toranomon since the 19th century, but with time it has become surrounded by modern business buildings, offering a curious sight for the traveler. You can pray there for business prosperity, getting promoted at work, maritime safety, etc... The last picture is a woodblock print by Oju Yoshitoshi called ‘Twisting the Nose of the Tengu at the Konpira Shrine at Toranomon’. #japan #tokyo #japantrip #travelguide #travelasia #explorejapan #tradition #shrine #modernity #shinto

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