Wow! Now that’s a special flavor!

Japan’s popular “Gari Gari Kun” popsicles are available at most convenience stores and grocery stores throughout Japan. The words, “Gari, Gari” are derived from the sound of crushing small bits of ice with your teeth and the word “Kun” is used to indicate a familiarity with boys. Since it’s release in 1981, there have been about 80 flavors offered and some continue to be sold while others are available on a limited basis.
The soda flavor is the most popular and others include, strawberry, grapefruit, and cola. Some specialty flavors are corn potage, pudding, and cream puff; all created with great detail in mimicking the proper taste.
When your visiting Japan, don’t forget to try this famous Japanese frozen snack.

bingo! / yoppy

ガリガリ君 / Yuya Tamai


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