The shaved ice flavored with green tea syrup and decorated with red beans paste and rice cakes, “Akafuku-gohri”

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“Akafuku-mochi” which is made as decorations for the shaved ice is on the “Akafuku-gohri”

In this summer, the shaved ice is getting more popular in Japan. We are quite familiar with it as one of the sweets for summer. Various flavors of shaved ices are sold and a lot of media pick them up more than before nowadays.
We will introduce a special shaved ice produced by traditional Japanese sweets shop to you. Do you know this Japanese sweet named “Akafuku-mochi”?
“Akafuku-mochi” is produced by the traditional Japanese sweets shop “Akafuku” which is located in Ise city, Mie prefecture. This sweet is very popular in Japan and most of people know about it.
“Akafuku” was founded 300 years ago as a rest station for the people who visit Ise shrine. “Akafuku-mochi” is the rice cake covered with sweet pureed red beans paste. We can buy “Akafuku-mochi” only around Mie prefecture because it is manufactured in Mie and a little difficult to transport to some areas away from there on account of short expiration date.
The special shaved ice with this rare sweets “Akafuku is called “Akafuku-gohri”, and this “Akafuku” for the decoration of “Akafuku-gohri” is devised to suit the shaved ice.
“Akafuku-gohri” was started selling as a special menu for tourists who visit Futamigaura beach over 50 years ago, in 1961.
“Akafuku-gohri” is not too sweet and good dessert for the summer. As it is sold during only summer, we recommend you to try it when you visit Ise shrine this summer.
A lot of cafes and restaurants also have unique flavors of the shaved ice! Please check them out!

The event of shaved ice in Tokyo
“Tokyo Kakigohri Sanpo”
It is opening now till August 31st SUN, 2014,
at 23 cafes and restaurants in Tokyo station and around there.





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