The Bon Dance is a deep, meaningful dance that is performed in a variety of ways depending upon the region.

This time of year(the obon) , many Bon Dance festivals are held in regions throughout Japan.
Today we are bringing you information on Japan’s top three Bon Dances as well as information on Bon Dance festivals to take place in Tokyo.

■Nishimonai Bon Dance
The contrast between the beauty of the dance all the way to the fingertips and the wild music are what gives this dance its elegant and magical atmosphere. In Nishimonai, Ugo-machi, Ogachi-gun, and Akita, the dance is held along 300 meters of the Nishimonai main street every year from August 16th to the 18th.

■Gujo Hachiman Bon Dance
The Gujo Bon Dance is held on about 30 nights over the course of 2 months in the summer. In particular, there is always a good turnout on the 4 nights of August 13th to the 16th, when people dance through the night and into the morning. The dancers are close to the spectators and anyone can easily join in. There are 10 types of Bon Dance.

■Awa Dance
Tokushima prefecture is the birthplace of this Bon Dance. Recently Awa Dance festivals have been held across the country but among them, the Tokushima Awa Dance is the largest and most famous. It is held from August 12th to the 15th. In the Awa Dance there is a men’s and women’s dance. The men’s dance is heroic and occasionally comical while the women’s dance is beautiful and elegant.

Bon Dance festivals are held across the country so, if you have the opportunity to visit Japan in mid August, please try to participate in a Bon Dance festival.
Dancing together with local people will surely be a fun experience.

The following is information about Bon Dance festivals in Tokyo
●Hibiya Park Marunouchi Ondo Bon Dance Festival
Dates:August 22nd (Fri)~23rd (Sat)
Place: Near the large fountain in Hibiya Park

●Roppongi Hills Bon Dance
Dates:August 23rd (Sat)~24th(Sun)
Place:Roppongi Hills Arena

bonodori_05Nishimonai Bon Dance

bonodori_04Gujo Hachiman Bon Dance

bonodori_03Awa Dance


Map Hibiya Park



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