The event of eating fresh Sanma (Cololabis saira) in Tokyo for free

We feel that the autumn is coming when we see Sanma on the table at meals. Especially, from the end of summer to the autumn, Sanma is so delicious with good fat and fluffy meat. There is a great event every September in Meguro, Tokyo that you can eat this delicious seasonable fish for free.
The relation between Sanma and Meguro came from one of the program of Rakugo, “Sanma in Meguro” and people stated this event to spread the good points Sanma and Meguro. The 19th “Sanma Festival in Meguro” is held in the shopping market in front of Meguro station and 6,000 fresh sanmas which are contributed by Miyako city, Iwate prefecture will be served in that event. You can also get Sudachi from Kmiyama town, Tokushima prefecture, grated radish from Nasushiobara city, Tochigi prefecture and charcoals from Minabe town, Wakayama prefecture for free. A lot of people all of Japan cooperate for this event! There is also a vaudeville house, “Yose”, you can enjoy those delicious foods and great sense of Japanese humor at the same time.
A lot of people come to this event to have Sanma every year. The free ticket of Sanma will be distributed on a first-come and it will takes from 3 to 5 hours to get Sanma. We advise that you prepare for waters, towels and parasol to wait for a long time under the sun when you come to this event.
The autumn is the best season to enjoy a various food. Let’s have Sanma and start to enjoy the autumn with seasonable food!

■Sanma Festival in Meguro
Date: September 7th SUN, 2014 from 10:00 to 17:00
Place: shopping market in front of Meguro station
Access: 1 minute by walk from JR/Subway Meguro station East Exit

■SUN Festival (Sanma Fastival) in Meguro
Date: September 14th SUN, 2014 from 10:00 to 15:30
Place: Dendohiroba Park
Access: 9 minutes by walk from JR Tokyu-meguro line Meguro station

DSC_1382 / Zengame

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さんま Mackerel(Sanma) / jetalone


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