It’s not just cute! It’s “intellectual training sweets” for children’s growth through creative means

2017-04-06   Food & Drinks,

You can experience the Japanese mentality that is always particular about details

Are there any Japanese snacks or sweets in supermarkets in your country? Some people might be familiar with some of them, like “Pocky”, “PRETZ”, and “Kappaebisen”. I have been surprised and excited that I found Japanese snacks in other countries. I’m going to introduce one sweet you can see some of the great skills of Japan.


The children learn the skills to concentrate and create through making the training kit more correctly and exquisitely.

Here are Sushi and Japanese Bento made from colorful sweets. They look real but they are all sweets and candy. Can you believe it? What’s more, you can make them yourself!
All you have to do is prepare water. You might doubt that you can make them with this kit because there are only powders for making candy and a plastic tray in it.



Making it is really simple. You just mix the water and powder in the tray. The tray has some lines for making tuna and eggs, so you can easily make these sweets which look like sushi. You will be amazed with this kit even though it’s just a toy for kids!



Japanese bento is also great and colorful. There are lots of dishes that are very nourishing. Arrange these dishes creatively in the lunch box and that’s it!
It also gives you an opportunity to experience the communication between Japanese parents and their children. Please drop by the supermarket and find these kits when you come to Japan!



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