Enjoy the genuine taste of regional cooking, hassle-free, right in your own home.“ Introducing a brand-new order-in gourmet service that all works in English”

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Enjoy delicious food from Japan, hassle-free, right in your own home

Rice, meat, fish, tea, sweets….every region of Japan produces foodstuffs that are considered their specialty product, just as every region has local dishes that have been loved by the people there since long, long ago. Ideally, what you’d love to do is travel to these places to enjoy these dishes locally, but traveling all over Japan, from the north all the way down to the south, would be an impossible task! “Eating Japan” is a brand-new delivery service that caters to this need. Imagine eating delicious food from all over Japan in the comfort of your very own home! And it all happens in English—from making an inquiry, to the introduction of the ingredients, ordering and payment. Placing an order is a cinch, even if your Japanese is less than perfect.


Home delivery Japanese is more than just sushi!

There are undoubtedly lots of foreigners living in Japan who order home delivery sushi for parties at home on the weekends. But Japanese food is more than just sushi. For meat lovers, how about sukiyaki featuring Miyagi Beef from Kyushu? Or the renowned Mongolian barbecue called “Genghis Khan,” which is made with lamb raised in Obihiro, Hokkaido? This service makes it super convenient to order a dish like this over the Internet and cook it up effortlessly using your own pots and hotplates.


Trying out a new regional dish makes you love Japan even more. Hmmm…where should we go on our next trip?

With this home delivery service, you can enjoy flavors from all over Japan in the comfort of your own home. And if your order turns out to suit your tastes to a T, it’s also fun to think about planning your next trip to visit that region and try the same food exactly where it came from. First up, enjoy your “Japanese gourmet journey” at home. Then set out to visit these dishes in their hometowns.



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