Let’s dig into the deep world of Japanese stationery! It’s unique and suitable as a souvenir.

It’s kind of sudden, but do you know the origin of the universal Japanese word, “Kawaii?”
It is said that “Kawaii” is derived from the compassion and feeling of caring for weak, tiny things and the feeling that one feels when they’re too sorry for something to look at its face (kao) and become more adoring and protective of it.
Most of Japanese stationery is tiny, detailed, and has multiple functions.

I believe that this tiny stationery has been more thought of by Japanese people and some foreigners as kind of lovable or “Kawaii,” rather than just functional tools.
This series is to peek at what’s inside Japanese people’s minds through their stationery.


Harinacs Press is ECO friendly and child safe.

Have you ever stuck your finger with metal staples? This stapler came out from KOKUYO Co., Ltd and doesn’t use metal staples. You don’t have to worry about sticking someone when handing them metal, stapled documents. This stapler compresses and connects the papers together through an intricate cutting and folding process. To undo the connection, you just rub the papers and pull them apart. The former model used a punch hole, but with the new version there is no need. This kind of improvement wouldn’t be possible if people thought of staplers as just something simple item that can’t be improved on and through this, I can see their passion for this sort of tiny merchandise.





They are 4 colors available in this rounded, cute (Kawaii) stationery item. This will certainly brighten up your desk!



No need to refill” makes it ECO- friendly and super reasonable!

Not having to buy staples and not needing to remove metal staples when shredding documents, makes this item much more sensible. You can boast about this excellent stapler to your family and colleagues! I’m sure they will all be astonished at it and run up to you saying, “How does it work?!”

■The staple-less Stapler, “Harinacs Press”
Released on October 22nd, 2014 in 4 colors.
※For copy paper (PPC) and for stapling a minimum of 4 papers at once.
WEB SITE:http://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/sl-stapler/press5.html

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