It looks grotesque! But how does it taste…?

Japan has been cold lately, and the recommended dish in this season is hot pot.
Do you know the anglerfish? It has a body that looks like it was crushed from above, with a big head and a row of sharp teeth… It is a rather grotesque deep-sea fish.
However, in contrast to its appearance, the anglerfish is actually a high-grade fish. The taste is light and full of collagen! It is low in calories so it is popular with women as well.
It is one of the defining tastes of winter, as shown by the saying, “fugu in the west, anglerfish in the east.”


These slimy anglerfish are hung up to prepare.

All parts of the anglerfish apart from the head and bones can be eaten, so there is no waste.
The edible parts are divided into seven categories of the fins, skin, gills, liver, stomach, ovaries, and the meat.
These are called the “seven tools of the anglerfish”.
Anglerfish are slimy and large, so they are hard to prepare on a cutting board. For this reason, anglerfish have always been prepared while hung up since olden times.


If you want anglerfish, head to Oarai, Ibaraki!

Oarai, Ibaraki is a famous anglerfish producing area. There are many day tours from Tokyo, and it is a very popular destination in the wintertime. The most popular way to eat anglerfish is in an anglerfish hot pot. It is eaten with plenty of vegetables and a miso or soy sauce soup with the anglerfish’s liver blended in. The light anglerfish meat flavored by the soup is simply exquisite.
In addition, anglerfish liver, which is called the foie gras of the sea, and fried anglerfish is famous as well.
On a cold winter day, why don’t you take a trip to eat a warm hot pot?

Restaurants that serve anglerfish hot pot in Ibaraki Prefecture (only in Japanese)

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