It’s just like a café! You can see how the coffee is made right inside this strange coffee vending machine.

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Coffee just the way you want it.

I have already written about the Japanese vending machine in a previous article, but today I would like to talk about a somewhat different kind of vending machine.
I’m talking about a drip coffee vending machine. That’s right, instead of canned coffee this machine sells freshly made drip coffee!
You can choose from a variety of options such as black coffee, espresso, or café late as well as choose the amount of cream and sugar.

You can even choose whether or not you want a lid on your drink.


You can see how it’s made?! An unusual vending machine.

However, it takes a little while for the coffee to be poured into your cup.
While the machine processes your order you are treated to a little bit of music and a fun video of how your coffee is being poured so that you don’t spend your time being bored.
I’ve seen machines where you could look at a live feed of how your coffee was being prepared inside the machine. But the ones that are even more amazing are those that are entirely translucent, allowing you to see directly inside!

How could you be bored with that kind of set-up?

Keep your eyes peeled for more playful vending machines like these.


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