The Symbol of Aizuwakamatsu Since Around 630 Years Ago

Tsuruga Castle, which is said to have been built around 630 years ago, towers over Aizuwakamatsu, Fukushima Prefecture. Officially it is called Wakamatsu Castle.
When it was first built, it was more of a mansion than a castle. Later, a seven-layered main tower was built. It had grand black walls.
During the Boshin War, in 1868, Aizu forces withstood attack for a month, and the enemy is said to have struggled tremendously, and hence it is known as the impregnable castle.
Later, the deteriorated main tower was demolished, and it was rebuilt with reinforced concrete in 1965.
The main tower is currently being renovated, but the exterior and the view from the observatory can be enjoyed as usual.


The Stone Walls of the Main Tower That Withstood the Great Earthquake 400 Years Ago

The stone walls of Tsuruga Castle are known for having layers built in different time periods. The oldest are the stone walls of the main tower, which are made with stones in their natural form piled up. They have gentle slopes with a wide base.
400 years ago, this region experienced a magnitude 6.9 earthquake of a seismic intensity over 6. 20,000 homes were destroyed, but these stone walls did not collapse.
Although it may look like stones were just randomly piled up, one must be amazed at the castle construction techniques of our ancestors.








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