”Kimono” is Japan’s world-class traditional culture

Kimono makes Japanese women more beautiful.
Most people wear Kimono only for special occasions such as weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, parties, etc., but I definitely recommend wearing it if you want to change your mood.

The Antique Kimono shop Kien (着縁)

I wanted to change my mood and become a Japanese lady, so I visited the Kimono Shop, Kien (着縁-きえん-) in Shimokitazawa!


Kimonos are still in production today, but Antique Kimono refers to what people actually wore 80 to 150 years ago.
Modern Kimonos have fine patterns and a relatively pale color, but Antique Kimonos have vivid colors and purposeful pattern combinations that will enchant you.


This is Japanese vividness!

Small accessories and music inside the shop all contribute to its atmosphere of the classic style from the Showa period. They not only have Kimonos, but also a wide range of Japanese accessories for Kimono as well as underwear specially made for Kimono.
Obi belts that are vividly embroidered during the Taisho period and early Showa period are also attractive.


This is the owner, Ms. Odajima in a beautiful Kimono.
She has started this shop because she loves Kimono and the collections are all selected by her taste.

They all excite me so much just by looking at them!


She recommended this one by saying “Let’s choose a color you normally wouldn’t wear daily!” Let’s get dressed!


Dressing and hair setting were finished in just 15 minutes! It was so quick! I actually felt flattered when Ms. Odajima said, “Good, it really suits you!”


How about this?
Who would even think of choosing this Kimono’s pattern with this obi belt? I admire her taste. By just changing obi belts, the Kimono shows a different face.

After wearing Kimono, I had such a relaxing time because I couldn’t experience this in my daily routine. Your posture is very elegant because of your inability to move freely.
It feels to me that my ladylike manner had become more sophisticated.


In this shop, there are variety of Kimonos; long-sleeved Kimonos, visiting Kimonos, Irotomesode (formal Kimono), Hakama (a formal skirt), Irouchikake (a bridal robe), and even Kimonos for men! I think this shop has the best selection of Kimonos andd I definitely recommend it if you want to transform yourself into a proper Japanese lady!

●Antique Kimono ”Kien(着縁)”
3 min by foot from Shimokitazawa station
Operation hours: 13:00~20:00
Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, every 11th and 29th .
Web:http://kimono-kien.com/index.html ※Written in Japanese only.
・Wearing Kimono (including a hair set) \5,000~



202 Minanami Corpo, 2-12-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo

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Address 202 Minanami Corpo, 2-12-2 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
Hours Operation hours: 13:00~20:00 Closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, every 11th and 29th .
Access 3 min by foot from Shimokitazawa station
Website http://kimono-kien.com/index.html