It’s officially recognized by Easter Island! These huge Moai statues are impressive!

The Sun Messe Nichinan located in Nichinan city, Miyazaki Prefecture doesn’t even feel like Japan to me because of its tropical atmosphere. The highlights at this park are the Moai statues!
These are the only replicas of Moai statues allowed by Easter Island. The seven Moai statue’s size and shape are exactly the same as those of Easter Island and are legitimate replicas of Ahu Akivi!
Ahu Akivi on Easter Island looks out toward the Pacific Ocean, but Sun Messe’s Moai face inland.
Why, you ask? It’s because the statues at Sun Messe statues are looking in the same direction as their originals on Easter Island, 15,000 kilometers away. The Moai statues are not only the same size and shape, but are also positioned in the same direction! The way they stand is so thrilling!

Why the 7 statues of Ahu Akivi are looking out to sea and what they are actually looking at still remains a mystery!



What are the lucky blessings of the Moai statues?

In the Rapa Nui language of Easter Island, “mo” means future, and “ai” means living, so Moai means, “living for the future.”
In addition to its beautiful meaning, Sun Messe’s Moai statues also have lucky blessings.
From left to right they are business, health, love, leisure, marriage, money, and academics. People can be seen praying at the Moai, touching them, and taking pictures with them.
Look at the picture carefully as you can see coins around their feet.
The most popular is the third Moai from the left, the Love-related Moai, and is always popular with women.
I prayed at the last Moai (academics) because I was going to take a license test. What do you want to pray for? Tell me your ideas!




You should drive the magnificent, Phoenix Road!

If you visit Sun Messe Nichinan, I would recommend driving here.
The road along the sea is commonly called the “Phoenix Road,” and is suitable for driving!
If you come via the airport, you can visit the Aoshima-Shirne and many other tourist areas.

It’s thrilling to drive along Miyazaki’s beautiful sea and look at the clear blue sky!


2650 Miyaura, Nichinan City, Miyazaki Pref.

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Hours AM9:30 - PM17:00, Closed on the First and Third Wednesday.(Except August and national holiday)
Access By car:40 min from Miyazaki IC, By bus:1h and 20 min from the bus centre in front of Miyazaki station.(Get off the bus at “Sun messe nichinan” stop)
Website http://www.sun-messe.co.jp/index.html