From Spring to Summer

Spring is the nicest season of the year, but soon it will be the rainy season which will last for about a month. In Japan, this is called “tsuyu.” Tsuyu occurs in most regions of Japan except for Hokkaido and the Ogasawara Islands. Other Asian countries also experience tsuyu at around the same time and they are considered to be some of the rainiest climates in the world.
The word Tsuyu (梅雨), literally meaning “Ume and Rain,” was brought from China, and it is said that the word is derived from the way that Ume, or Japanese apricots, ripen during this season.


Different ways to call “rain” in Japan

Typically, Japan has lots of rainfall each year and to appreciate the blessed rain, we refer to them in many different ways. For example, tsuyu is also called samidare, literally meaning “rain in May.” There are also words such as otoko-zuyu and onna-zuyu which means “man rain” and “woman rain.” If it rained cats and dogs, it would be otoko-zuyu, and if it was just a light rain, it is called onna-zuyu.” Isn’t it interesting?


Popular rain-related products that will cheer you.

Dark clouds and rain often bring along dark moods and a sad atmosphere. During the tsuyu season, the gloomy, cloudy, and rainy days seem to last forever, but there are many cute rain related goods that will cheer you up!

I recommend getting a pair of stylish rain boots! There are many different types of fashionable rain boots, heels and flats designed to match your outfit both casual and in the office!

rain boots

Another good idea is to get a poncho. It is very useful when you take your dog for a walk outside or go shopping by bicycle. If you choose to go to Disneyland during tsuyu, there are also adorable Disney character ponchos waiting for you!

Lastly, don’t forget your umbrella! They’re not only good for rain, but they can also protect you from harmful UV rays. Take care of your skin and don’t get wet!


Let’s find a variety of fun rain related goods and enjoy the rainy season in Japan!

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