The season for planting rice has come!

It’s already the season for planting rice in Japan. Already famously known, Japanese people live on rice and some Japanese say they can’t get enough energy without it.
If your traveling Japan during this season, you’ll see many people planting rice in paddy fields everywhere. There will also be traditional Shinto rituals to pray for a large harvest for the year. I’d like to introduce some rare events that you can participate in by planting rice, and experience traditional rice planting rituals.


You can see a rice planting ceremony with Mt. Fuji in the background.

You can join in the traditional rice planting ceremony next to Mt. Fuji at “Fuji-Isoyama-Dai-jinguu Shrine,” thought to be flowing with mystical energy. They plant sake, water, salt, eggs, rice and five grains into 4 holes dug into the paddy field, in order to wish for a successful harvest and in appreciation for the gifts from the land.



Planting Makomo, a rare kind of plant.

During this ritual, you are not only going to plant typical rice, but also wild rice called Makomo, that is thought of as a holy plant. Makomo existed 3 hundred million years ago and has remained unchanged, also called “a plant that has stopped its advancement.” Makomo has appeared in the oldest Japanese books “Kojiki”, “Nihon-shoki,” and “Manyo-shu.” The plant has been used for sacred ropes for rituals at Japanese shrines such as Izumo-taisha. It is said to be, “the plant where God dwells.” It is very nutritious and can be used for tea, Chinese food, and commonly found in expensive tempura. Those who have already experienced planting rice will get a new experience with Makomo.

Interacting with the local people is also part of the fun.

This time, they will welcome the ambassador from the Republic of Togo and 300 participants! The traditional ritual is entertaining, and interacting with local people is also part of the fun. During autumn, you can eat the harvested Makomo. Don’t miss this rare chance to experience real Japanese culture!

09:00 Rice planting ceremony
09:30 Rice planting, a social meeting with ambassador of the Republic of Togo.
11:00 Planting Makomo
12:00 Lunch(A lunch box that only uses organic vegetables)
13:00 Planting Makomo
15:00 Praying for Dai-jinguu at the end of the ceremony.

“Another Japan,” a website that offers information about interesting experiences in Japan.

Another Japan takes reservations for the rice planting ceremony. You can’t miss this interesting event!

・Date:Sunday, 24th May Meeting at 08:30
・Place:Kotobuki station(Fujikyu-otsuki line) 
・Fee: 2,500yen

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Address Yoshida-shi, Fuji, Yamanashi Prefecture
Access Meet up at Kotobuki station (Fujikyu-otsuki line)
Website Book for the event: http://www.another-japan.com/events/detail/49