The Ministry of Economy unveiled “The Wonder 500” project, to offer the best of Japan to the world!

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A press conference for “ The Wonder 500” was held.

On May 15th The Ministry of Economy launched a project called “The Wonder 500,” in order to select 500 of the best Japanese products, foods, tourist destinations, and present them to the world. We attended the press conference and did some interviews.

Mr. Tatsuya Sago from the ministry of economy.

Mr. Tatsuya Sago, the creative manager from the Ministry of Economy explained that, in reference to Japans 2002 article on foreign policy entitled “Cool Japan,” the anime culture and pop culture of Japan are widely recognized by foreign countries, but there should also be something that introduces the best of Japanese food, culture, traditional crafts, and the rich nature and scenery of Japan that other people of the world can recognize and value. “In this project, I’d like to develop a market for things that are associated with Japanese customs and lifestyles from local areas.”

About The Wonder 500

Japan’s local specialties are chosen by 25 producers to develop a market and promote them!

We got an explanation from the executive head office about the project.
These are the three main things they are implementing.
・Choosing 500 products (local specialties) that japan can be proud of and present them to the world.
・Holding events and seminars for networking.
・PR events in both Japan and foreign countries (Planned for Paris and Singapore)

Choosing local specialties for the wonder 500 project.

One way they will choose these 500 products is by sending 25 selected representatives to various parts of Japan. At the same time, all the merchants in any local area can apply for a pubic subscription, informing the government about the many local, hidden specialties that might not be known and making them available. After that, 500 products will be listed in a book, in both Japanese and English, and distributed to foreign buyers and the media. Access to this information will also available on the website below.
※including the public subscription’s info, please have a look of this URL.

At the end of conference, the chief manager of the project Mr. Noriyoshi Ikejima said, “With this project, I’d like to develop a foreign market by promoting local merchandise that Japan can be proud of.”

The Wonder 500’s measurements

Categories for The Wonder 500

My insight on “The Wonder 500.” A little bit About Japan’s unique culture, lifestyle, and its future.

Japan is country stretched out from north to south and each region used to be separate ‘states’ prior to its present day union, therefore unique cultures and traditions are still deep rooted in each area. As a traveller, and even as a Japanese person, it’s so fun to get to know about the interesting local cultures around Japan that are often rarely known about.

Tadaima Japan is hoping to keep Japan unique in the future. To do so, we have to tackle the problem of an aging society, declining birth rate, declining population, and an increasing foreign population in Japan. I think we need to make the ties stronger between foreign countries and Japan and also, try to explain the way Japanese people think, and their unique culture, in order to to share ideas.

The government of course, considers these things more than us and that is why a project like “the Wonder 500” was created. I cannot help but to hope that this project will lead to great success in the future. A thought that I took with me after the press conference; as a small media organization, we too, also want to contribute to Japan’s bright future by providing a very large amount of support to these kinds of ideas.

What will the 500 products that Japan will be proud of? I’m so excited to know the results. When they are released, I will introduce them.

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