Tadaima Japan’s advertisement is now broadcasted at the popular tourist destination, “Ameyoko” in the Ueno district of Tokyo!

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What’s “Ameyoko”?

It’s a 400-meter long market street between the JR Ueno and Okachimachi stations. Grocery stores, sweets shops, fresh food stores selling fish and vegetables, grocers selling dried food, jewelry shops, cosmetic shops, clothing shops, and many others are densely lined up on this very busy and crowded street. “Ameyoko,” short for “Ameya-Yokocho” is famous for its variety of inexpensive products. There are currently more than 400 vendors and it’s easy to get lost within this narrow street.


Ameyoko as a popular touristic destination

No matter when you visit, it’ll always be crowded! Ameyoko sees more than two hundred million visitors from all over the world annually.
While walking down this street, you’ll be approached by many of the vendors wanting to engage in friendly conversation. This shopping area is special in that, you can negotiate on the prices, so try to bargain anything that you may purchase. You might even be able to find something really nice, really cheap! During New Years, people come here to shop for the ingredients for their Osechi dishes, a common tradition at the end of the year in Japan.


An Asian market in the center of Ameyoko

Right next to the entrance to Ameyoko, you’ll find the ‘Ameyoko-centre’ Building. There are about 10 Asian markets located in the basement where you’ll find Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Indian, Philippian, Vietnamese, Singaporean and Indonesian groceries, all will bargain prices. Most of the customers are typically not Japanese, so you’ll hardly ever hear any Japanese spoken. It’s like a place where you’ll feel as if you’re in another Asian country, right in Tokyo!


Look at the huge Jumbotron on the ‘Ameyoko-centre’ Building!

We are happy to announce that our digital advertisement is now broadcasted once every 30 minutes! If you are looking for your next destination, please take a look at [Tadaima Japan] (http://tadaimajp.com/)! It’s a unique online guidebook full of interesting information that you might not find in typical tour books! Please look for what you are interested in!


4-7-8 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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