The magazine “Discover Japan” has now released its overseas edition!

Released on:Sat. 6th June, 2015
※ Will be published 6 times a year in the even-numbered months.
80 pages (For digital magazine only)
Available at:maga-store、Kindle、Zinio、rakuten-kobo、
Google、BOOK WALKER、Newsstand

【Price】600 yen/ 4.99$ / 4.99€/ 3.99£(incl. tax)
【Subscription price】3,000 yen/ 24.99$/ 24.99€/ 18.99£(incl. tax)
※You can only subscribe through the Newsstand and Zinio.
※The price overseas is subject to change depending on the exchange rate


Discover Japan –AN INSIDER’S GUIDE

The latest Japanese culture guide is now available in two foreign languages!

Hello, it’s Guri from Tadaima Japan.
As one of its readers, every month I enjoy reading the magazine Discover Japan, which introduces deep Japanese culture with beautiful pictures. Surprisingly, they have released two overseas editions that are distributed as a digital magazine in English and French now! Their magazine is always interesting with beautiful pictures. It is very successful in giving readers a deep understanding on Japanese culture, people, and products. Tadaima Japan sometimes uses it as a reference. Please have a look if you’re interested in Japan!

kyoto's good restaurant.

The first issue features Kyoto’s best food!

Discover Japan has been published for 8 years now and they carefully select the best subjects that they want to introduce. You can expect a high quality of content, and the first issue features the best food in Kyoto.
Speaking of Kyoto, it sounds expensive and very high-class, even for some Japanese, but if you know the right information you can actually enjoy cuisine in Kyoto, much cheaper than in Tokyo. That’s why they chose Kyoto for their first multilingual issue. In this first issue, they carefully chose good restaurants that they really want to push. Local coffee shops and Kyoto style bento are also introduced with great pictures. For more details, please take a look at this URL. You can also purchase it.

French version
French Edition.

I’m very happy to see that ‘all things Japanese’ are being introduced to the world. It’s also nice to see that the rest of the world is getting more opportunities, like this, to learn about Japanese culture. I’m very excited to be reading this foreign edition too.

Discover Japan, Kyoto

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