Look out for the red lantern! A favorite local restaurant called “Fukuroutei”

“Genghis Khan” is a shredded mutton barbeque known as the local dish in Hokkaido.
There are two major ways to prepare mutton meat; marinating it before it is cooked or just adding the sauce to it after it is barbequed. This place prepares the latter type of Genghis Kahn.
There are also two types of meat; lamb and mutton, and this place provides Australian lamb, which is known for having no distinct smell.
Fukuro-tei is a 10 min walk from Sapporo’s Susukino station, and can be found by its red lantern hanging in front of the shop. Both locals and tourists love it.
It accommodates up to 60 people in a very spacious room, so you don’t have to worry about the inevitable thick smoke unique to Genghis Khan.
In order to preserve the freshness of the lamb meat, they prepare the hand-shredded meat after they take orders. They usually cut the meat in a thickness they recommend is best, but if you have specific preference, you are free to ask.

①Lamb and vegetables on the table!
①Lamb and vegetables on the table!
②Roast the vegetables first.
②Roast the vegetables first.
③Shift the vegetables to the edge of the plate and cook the meat right in the middle!
③Shift the vegetables to the edge of the plate and cook the meat right in the middle!

Experienced the deliciousness of Genghis Khan!

I ordered the raw lamb Genghis Khan and mixed vegetables.
Let’s start cooking!
Spread out the vegetables with lard on the iron plate. Once they are grilled, put them on the side the cooking plate and start grilling the meat on the center of it. First, you have to grill one side of the meat and then flip it right before its juices come out. After you flip it, you have to wait for another 10 seconds to eat. Rare to medium rare is the best.
The method that’s widely known is to put a lot of vegetables on the pot and steam the meat by placing it on the vegetables. Fukurou-tei does not recommend this, because it is important to grill both sides of the meat, keeping the juices in.
Soft, moist, and full of gravy, once you experienced its delicious taste and texture, Genghis Khan will make you want to visit again. The dish goes well with beer and you won’t be able to stop eating rice along with the meat in its rich sauce. Both the vegetables and meat can be ordered separately, so you are sure to order more!

④The tea boiled rice with gravy sauce!
④The tea boiled rice with gravy sauce!

Sauce Chazuke as the finale of the meal!

Put the remaining sauce on the rice and pour hot Japanese tea for Japanese style, “Chazuke,” which is the popular way to finish off the meal. Because it’s popular, I ordered it wondering how its going to taste. It was a huge surprise to experience the amazing combination of sauce with the gravy flavor and rice. You can add any amount of sauce you like. I prefer a strong taste, so I ordered garlic with it. Chazuke, is really suitable as the finale of the meal, because its easy to eat and has a smooth texture. Fukurou-tei is little far from the main street and you should definitely make reservations for a weekend visit. When you visit Hokkaido, I strongly recommend experiencing Genghis Khan!


1F Capital Build. YMD 5 Chome Minami 8 Jōnishi Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō

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Address 1F Capital Build. YMD 5 Chome Minami 8 Jōnishi Chūō-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaidō
Hours 17:00~22:30[ Sun]17:00~22:00 / Closed on Monday
Access 8 in walk from Nakajima Park 161m away from Higashi Hongan-ji station
Phone 011-512-6598
Website http://www5.plala.or.jp/fukuroutei/