Selected as one hundred exquisite waters of Japan: spring water “Kakinohanahija” located in the middle of the woods

When you walk to the south side of the village and walk down a very steep, stone paved hill for about 100 meters, you can find spring water on the left, coming out from the root of the rock in the middle of the woods. Surrounded by rice paddies, you will experience the sense of relaxation from the atmosphere. However, since the pavements are very slippery and the rocks are jagged, shoes that are easy to walk in are highly recommended.

Kakinohana River

Information provided by Nanjo City.


812, Tamagusuku Kakinohana, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, 901-0601, Japan

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Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

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Address 812, Tamagusuku Kakinohana, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa