Make a wish to the stars! Enjoy the Tanabata festival at“Kanda-myojin Shrine”, where the God of matchmaking is enshrined! July 7th

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Tanabata is a romantic story from the twinkling night sky.

There is a custom in Japan on July 7th, to write down your wish and hang it up on a bamboo leaf. You can see Lyra and Aquila over the Milky Way in the northern hemisphere. The most glittering star in Lyra is Vega. It is the star that rules needlework, so it’s called “Orihime”, or the sewing princess. The Altair star is the brightest in Aquila and is the one that masters farming and is called“Hikoboshi”. Orihime and Hikobosh were in love with each other, but they were split up and only allowed to see each other during Tanabata when these stars shine at their brightest.



Go write your wish during Tanabata!

They hold “Tanabata Matsuri”at Kanda-myojin Shrine in Tokyo on July 7th of every year. You’ll get a small paper called “Tanzaku”to write your wish on.


The tanzaku you wrote your wish on will be hung on the huge bamboo leaves in the shrine and the priest will pray over them to make your wish come true. Why not drop by and write down your wish?



Kanda-myojin has a matchmaking God.

Kanda-myojin Shrine has been loved by people as the grand shrine of Tokyo, Kanda and Akihabara. It’s especially famous for having a God that governs family happiness, thriving business and match making. Match making doesn’t necessarily mean romance. The God will also bring you together with people in friendship, business, and many other related situations. My friend had a wedding ceremony here, and they look very happy now. Why not pray for a good encounter on this Tanabata day?



2-16-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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Address 2-16-2 Sotokanda Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
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Access 5 min walk from JR“Ochanomizu”, Chiyoda line“Shinochanomizu”or Ginza line“Suehirocho”station. 7 min walk from Hibiya line“Akihabara”station.
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