Monday June 1st: Koromogae (Seasonal change of clothing)

Schools and companies that use uniforms change them to their summer attire. This custom has existed for over 1000 years and people used to change their furnishings as well. On October 1st people change to their winter attire.


Wednesday June 10th: Time Day

It was designated in 1920 to spread the importance of time among Japanese people. The day was derived from June 10th, 1400 years ago when the first ‘set’ water clock gonged.


Thursday June 11th: Nyuubai: Entering the rainy season

In Japan, the rainy season is called “Tsuyu” and starts on June 11th and lasts for about a month. The season usually starts at the same time when Ume (Japanese apricot) ripen, hence the name “Nyuubai”(入梅) meaning, the start of ume season. It is also called “Tsuyu-iri”.


Tuesday June 16th: Kajyo-no-hi

It is not very familiar among Japanese people, but it’s basically the day to enjoy Japanese sweets. In 848 there was an epidemic in Japan and the story goes, someone dedicated sweets to a God, thus ending the epidemic. The custom of eating Japanese sweets in hopes to guard against evil was derived from this story.


Saturday June 20th: Father’s Day

It’s a day to appreciate your father. This custom came from the United States of America. On father’s day, children give his/her dad a card or a present to thank him for his daily hard work. Around father’s day, many kinds of gifts such as ties and wallets are sold at department stores


Tuesday June 30th: Nagoshi-no-Harae

It’s a ritual to purify your sins that you committed in the first half of the year, and to hope to live better in the 2nd half of the year. Stepping through a thatched ring is called “Chinowa-kuguri” and can be seen at Shrines throughout Japan. The way to step through the ring is different at each shrine.

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