summer holiday

The summer holiday has come!

The rainy season is finished Japan, and the real summer has finally arrived. I personally, don’t like summer much, but still remember myself getting so excited about the summer holiday when I was a kid. Japanese elementary, junior high, and high schools all have their summer holiday around the 20th of July to the end of August, depending on the area. University students can even take a holiday break until September. This time of summer is the season for activities and leisure.

What do you want to do? Make plans for summer!

How do you spend summer holidays in your country?
Japanese kids have so many things that they want to do! They can go to swimming at their school, which is usually open to the public during summer, or they can even go to the beach areas on the seacoasts. Catching citadel and beetles is also typical for kids during summer. There’s also a holiday in the middle of August called“Obon-yasumi,”when kids go visit their grandparents.

Why not join in on one of the summer-time Japanese events?

During the summer holiday there will be tons of fun events for children and adults. Please take a look at the list below and join in on one of them if you are coming to Japan during the summer holiday season!

[Summer Events near Tokyo]

pokemon stamp rally
Photo by kannon

Sat, the 11th to Thurs, the 20th of August: Pokemon Stamp Rally in and around Tokyo

This event is annually held by Japan Railway East Japan. Get the leaflet at the main station in Tokyo and collect the 6 stamps for it by taking a train ride. At the 6th and final station, you can get an original Pokemon Stamp Notebook in order to collect all the rest, as well as a Pikachu Sun Visor! To collect the first 6 stamps, you should buy a “Tokunai-pass” (都区内パス). This will enable you to travel all the local JR trains within Tokyo’s 23 districts. (Price: Adult 750 yen, ※Child 370 yen) If you want to collect all the stamps, I recommend that you purchase the “Kyuujitsu-odekake-pass”(休日おでかけパス). This will enable you to travel all the local trains within Tokyo, the Tokyo monorail, and the Rinkai line. (Price: Adult 2,670 yen, ※Child 1,330 yen) 

※Child: Age between 7 and 11

Place:JR East Japan Rail Tokyo Area

Fuji TV
Photo by Dick Thomas Johnson

Sat, the 18th of July to Mon, the 31st of August: Dream Mega Summer “Matsuri”2015 in Tokyo Odaiba Fuji TV

This festival is held by one of the largest TV companies in Japan called “Fuji Television”. During the festival newscasters and TV stars appear on stage. Kids get excited to see these famous people, as well as other amusements such as water attractions and specialty foods. This year they’ll have Akita’s traditional festival, “Kanko Matsuri”and it gets pretty chaotic! During the festival period it is often broadcasted on T.V., so it’s very familiar to Japanese people. If you are interested in Japan’s unique TV culture, why not visit?

Place:Fuji Television in Odaiba
Fee:1DAY Pass Adult 2,000 yen, Child 1,000 yen

Oedo antique market

Sun, the 26th of July: Oedo Antique Market in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Oedo-Kotto-Ich-oe Oedo Antique Market is held in two places, the “Yurakucho-Kokusai forum”and the“Harajuku Yoyogi Park Keyaki promenade”. It’s the largest antique market in Japan where you can get unusual looking Japanese bowls, furniture, and many other similar items. Please find a favorite one for a souvenir!

Place:Yoyogi Park

Ise Udon

Fri, the 28th to Sun, the 30th of August: Battle of The Udon 2015 in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo

Traditional udon dishes and new-age udon dishes are all brought together here in Yoyogi Park! It’s highly recommended, because you can taste all the different kinds of udon, important to Japanese food culture! After eating a bowl of udon, you can vote for it and join the battle as a judge! Please arrive with an empty stomach!

Place:Yoyogi Park

At the popular events, you may have long lines to contend with, so please prepare yourself accordingly to prevent the possibility of heatstroke, especially for the outdoor events!


Japanese kids do lots of homework during the summer holiday.

When I was young, I had a lot of fun things planned for my summer holidays. The homework I had was hard and a little time consuming. I had to write a daily diary about the growth of my morning glories and sunflowers. I also studied math and Japanese Kanji characters. There’s a common assignment among school children called Jiyuu-kenkyuu, in which you choose something to write about and write a report about it. I sometimes had to ask my family for help in order to finish all of my homework. It’s all a good memory now.

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