Experience Japan through stationery. Part 3, “Nico-Sushi Memo Blocks”

Let’s dig into the deep world of Japanese stationery! It’s unique and suitable as a souvenir.I believe that this tiny stationery has been more thought of by Japanese people and some foreigners as kind of lovable or “Kawaii,” rather than just functional tools.
This series is to peek at what’s inside Japanese people’s minds through their stationery.

2017-04-21 White Rabbit Japan   Goods,


These sushi-shaped memo pads will make your desk POP!

When thinking of Japan, of course, everybody imagines Sushi! However, these sushi-like items are a bit special, and you can’t eat them because these are obviously memo pads!
The 4 major kinds of sushi-neta (sushi toppings); Toro (fatty tuna), maguro, salmon, and egg have become cute memo pads that will brighten up your desk! Despite their simple designs, they have a distinctive look that will be appreciated by anyone who gets them as a gift! This is merchandise from the Japanese stationery brand, Nico, and you can buy them here if you live abroad.
If you are just visiting Japan, please find them and buy them as souvenirs. By using these memo pads, you can entitle yourself as a big fan of Japan.


The funniest thing about them is that, only the ‘rice’ part will last until the end!

What’s funny about this memo pad is not just its look, but also the fact that only the white ‘rice’ part will last until the end. If you put them on your desk, it’ll create an amusing conversation with your co-workers. This memo pad’s cute look is not only distinct, but it’ll also create humor around the workplace! How would you use this memo pad if you had one? Please share your ideas with us!

Nico-Sushi Memo Block
Price: $19.20

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