Akicafe inn


The comfortable guest house, “akicafe inn”

It’s really close to Hiroshima station, and it’s very clean! They have a variety of amenities so that people who are not familiar can enjoy their stay.

Take off your shoes here.

akicafe inn reception

This is the reception area. You need a booking before coming, so be sure to do so by email or phone!
This guesthouse is very popular, so you should contact them as soon as you decide the date of your stay.

akicafe inn bed room.

This is the bedroom.
The room is divided into male and female rooms. Both of them have bunk beds.
You should keep your belongings close to yourself. There is also a locker in the living room with a lock.

Akicafe inn bathroom

This is their bathroom. Soap, face soap, dryer, hair iron, everything you need is here!
A towel is provided free of charge! The large mirror is useful too.

A men’s and women’s bathroom, shower room (shampoo and conditioner are provided), kitchen, dryer, fridge, TV, games and magazines are also available. You just need to bring your pajamas and toothbrush. Even if you forget to bring one, you can buy a toothbrush for 50 yen.

akicafe inn living room

We had a Japanese travel lesson all night long!

This is the tatami matted living room.
It is in between the bathroom and kitchen, so people commonly gathered here. I found myself chatting with people I didn’t know!

We also had a Japanese lesson and lecture on traveling in Japan. Our photographer Yuri and I became teachers and taught guests from France, Brazil, and America.
We talked about how to say ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ and also about Nagano Prefecture, where we suggested they go.

Foreign guests as well as Japanese people often use this guesthouse. Their website is available to read in English, and the staff also speaks English.

It feels as if I went to my friend’s house. It’s so nice to lay down on the tatami flooring and fall asleep. This clean and comfortable guesthouse is highly recommended.

The streetcar station and the atomic bomb dome are close to it. You can also go to the Itsukushima Shrine too.

Price/ Rules

3000 yen/ per.night (Persons above elementary school age) ※ 2500 yen/night if you stay more than 3 nights.

※Cash Only. Credit cards are not accepted.
※300 yen for the shower if you want to use if before/after check-in.

check in time 16:00
check out time 11:00
Lights-out 22:00


2-7 Enkobashi-cho, minami-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture

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I’m from Mie Prefecture, and a big fan of Yomiuri Giants, Japanese baseball team! I rarely stay at home every weekend, and love to go outside. I feel Japanese locals and the world will be connected soon! I’m trying to make a fun world!


Address 2-7 Enkobashi-cho, minami-ku, Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture
Access 3 min walk from Hiroshima station South Exit. 1 min walk from streetcar “Enkobashicho”station. ※Walk along the railroad and turn left at the corner at LIVEMAX.
Phone 070-5525-6971
Website http://www.akicafe.co.jp/home-eng/