Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri

Fri, 1st September 2017: Oumi Nakayama Imokurabe Matsuri in Shiga Prefecture

Oumi Nakayama Imokurabe Matsuri
Photo by: 歴史探訪京都からー旧木津川の地名を歩く会ー

It’s a festival to compete for the longest taro, in front of a God. Two villages in the east and west compete with each other. The event is said to be a ritual from the Heian period, but there is no established theory to explain why they compete for the longest taro. However, some say the taro was the main source of food for ancient Japanese people, or that it was a substitute for the god that enshrines ironware. (Reference:びわこビジーターズビューロー)

●Oumi Nakayama Imokurabe Matsuri
Place:Kumano Shrine and Mt.Nogami
Access:10 min drive from Oumi Rail way “Hino”station

1931 Nakayama, Hino, Gamou District, Shiga Prefecture

Fri, 1st to Sun. 3rd September 2017: Owara Kaze-no-Bon in Toyama Prefecture

Owara Kaze-noBon
Photo by tsuda

“Owara-kaze-no-Bon” is a folklore event that has been preserved by the people in Yao, and is the life of the people in Yao. The event is held in 11 towns including Fukushima. Yao used to be called the ‘wardrobe’ of Toyama, which exhibited the wealth of the town at the time. Why not see some folklore in this special town?

●Owara Kaze-no-Bon
Place: Yao Old Town and Around the station
Access: JR Koshinaka Yao station
Map:Reservation for the bus *Japanese text only

Fri, 15th to Sun, 17th September 2017: Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri in Okinawa

Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri

You can witness dynamic dancing, the sound of drums, shamisen, and listen to music! The event usually has 300 thousand people and everyone enjoys the hot summer of Okinawa during this event!

●Okinawa Eisaa Matsuri
Place: Goza Undo Kouen Rikujo Kyogi-jo and Around Goya cross roads.
Access:Goya stop from Naha terminal.
Map:*Japanese text only

Sat, 2nd September 2017: Zenkoku Shinsaku Hanabi Kyogi-taikai in Nagano Prefecture

Zenkoku Shinsaku Hanabi Kyogi-taikai

Zenkoku Shinsaku Hanabi Kyogi-taikai or Fireworks competition and presentation will celebrate its 35th year in Japan this year! The carefully selected fireworks made by craftsmen will be set off with music. It’s a large annual event that brings in 300 thousand visitors to see a spectacular fireworks display.

●Zenkoku Shinsaku Hanabi Kyogi-taikai
Place:JR Kami-Suwa station
Access: 8 min walk from JR Kami-Suwa station
Map:*Japanese text only

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