second half of September.

Fri, 15th to Sun, 17th of September 2017: Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, A September Festival in Osaka


Every year the rough and majestic way of the Kishiwada danjiri Matsuri is reported on TV. The festival started around 1745 to celebrate the harvest in Kishiwada city, Osaka.
The highlight of this festival is “Yarimawashi”, The pulling of the Danjiri by local men with all of their strength.

●Kishiwada Danjiri Matsuri, a festival in September
Place:Around The Nakiri Shrine
Access:15 min walk from Kishiwada station.
Map:Kishiwada Danjiri Map

Sat, 16th of September 2017: Tsuruoka Hachimangu Yabusame in Kanagawa Prefecture


It has a history of more than 800 years in Tsuruoka Hachimangu. Yabusame is an archery performance by archers dressed in samurai costumes while riding horses. It’s very stunning!

● Tsuruoka Hachimangu Yabusame
Place:Tsuruoka Hachimangu
Access:10 min walk from Kamakura station

Fri, 22nd to Sun, 24th of September 2017: Aizu Matsuri in Fukushima Prefecture


It’s a festival held in Aizu Wakamatsu city, Fukushima Prefecture every year. It began in 1953, so it’s relatively new. Local children holding lanterns, line up and walk the street at “Chochin Gyoretsu”. You’ll see the traditional dance of Aizu called “Aizu bandaizan” and “Aizuhan kougyoretsu”, as well as a parade where people in samurai costumes walk the street.

● Aizu Matsuri
Place:Shinmei dori
Access:20 min walk from JR Aizu Wakamatsu station.



Events for early September; Get a sense for autumn.

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