The fifteenth night of Autumn, the evening to adore the full moon.

Between September 7th and October 8th we have a day with called “Jugoya”, the fifteenth night of a lunar month (August 15th on the old calendar). It’s a day to see the beautiful full moon and appreciate a good huge harvest.
27th September is the Jugoya night in 2015.

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The full moon


The season for harvesting comes around the time of a full moon.

Autumn has arrived and in Japan, it feels very cool during the mornings and evenings.
We have a day to adore the beautiful full moon in autumn called “Jugoya”. Jugoya is the full moon that appears between September 7th and October 8th (August 15th on the old calendar. This moon is also called the harvest moon and its beautiful appearance has attracted many people since ancient times. Its round shape symbolizes fertility, so the full moon is a ‘lucky charm’ for a large and successful harvest.

moon dumplings

How to enjoy the full moon!

On the night of Jugoya, please prepare moon dumplings and pampas grass. The dumplings represent the moon and the pampas grass resembles the rice plants, so it’s a ‘lucky charm’ for a large and successful harvest. Serve these foods under the full moon, and if it’s possible, turn the lights off so the moon looks more pronounced.

The rabbit in the moon.

In Japan, it is believed that a rabbit lives on the moon because it gives the appearance of a rabbit making rice cakes.
What do you think? You might be able to see it if you look at it carefully. After viewing the beautiful moon, let’s eat dumplings together!


4th October is the Jugoya night in 2017.

According to the weather forecast as of October 2nd, the sky is likely to be overcast on the 4th, but that could change. If not, you can still enjoy the ritual of eating dumplings, available at supermarkets and convenience stores.

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