School uniform for winter

School uniform for winter

“Koromo-gae”, or the change of wardrobe for the new season.

Have you ever had a school uniform for both the summer, and winter season?
Japan experiences a variety of climates throughout the four seasons and we usually have both a summer and a winter wardrobe. On October 1st, people will change their wardrobe, and this custom is called “Koromo-gae”. When I was a student, it felt kind of strange when I changed my uniform to the winter blazer coat, because I wasn’t used to wearing such formal clothing. People will also change to their summer wardrobe on June 1st.


“Koromo-gae” is an old tradition that has been passed down since the 8th Century.

It might sound like a relatively new custom, but it actually started as a noble custom around the 8th Century. After the 15th Century, the custom spread to the general population, and at the time, people changed their wardrobe 4 times a year. During spring and autumn, they wore Kimono with a medium layered lining, during summer, a thin Kimono without a lining, and during winter a kimono with a thick lining. This custom has been passed down through generations of people. School girls and boys, and even businessman who wear suits will also start to change their wardrobe on October 1st.


Let’s change up your wardrobe!

Japanese people will store their summer clothes by putting them into boxes until next year. Japan is really humid, so you should put some sort of dehumidifying agent in with them. Winter clothes that were kept in a dark closet should be dried out under the sun when it’s sunny.
Winter fashion is so fun, because you can mix and arrange it with accessories and scarves. Why not change your quilt cover and pillow cover too? It’s always nice to enjoy your room decorated with seasonal colors.


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