Resonating eternal tones beneath a full autumn moon: Hie Shrine’s “Mid-autumn Kangen Festival”

Hie Shrine is located in an office complex in the middle of Nagata-cho. The foundation of the shrine is unknown, but it’s a village shrine in Edo-jo castle that has long been watching over Tokyo. It is famous for its festival Sanno-sai, held in June.

Chushu kangensai

Chushu kangensai

The thrill of Gagaku sounds, while admiring the still composure of the full harvest moon.

“Tsukimi” is the worship of the moon and the offering of prayers and thanks to the year’s harvest, in September and October. Tsukimi is mainly held on the fifteenth night of the eighth month and the thirteenth night of the ninth month on the old lunar calendar. Every year at Hie Shrine in Tokyo, a Gagaku music concert called the “Mid-autumn Kangen Festival” is held on Jugoya (fifteenth night), a day most suitable for it.

Chushu kangensai

Please enjoy the Gagaku!

“Gagaku” is a musical performance commonly held at regular shrine ceremonies and on special occasions for various rituals. However, there are very few chances to witness Gagaku. Tadaima Japan came to film the Mid-autumn Kangen Festival, held on September 8, 2014, so please be sure to check it out. Usually held outdoors on a special stage, it was held within the shrine itself because of rain, making for a very precious recording.
This year, it will be 48 and is held on Sunday September 27th, 2015 starting at 6 pm. For tickets, please inquire at Hie shrine. The price is 3000 yen.

Sanno Daiko Drum


Kaguramai dance

The fifteenth night of the eight month and the thirteenth night of the ninth month in 2015
The fifteenth night of the eight month / the thirteenth night of the ninth month
SEPTEMBER 27th/OCTOBER 25th, 2016
OCTOBER 4th/NOVEMBER 1st, 2017

Kaguramai dance



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