Customs for November


Culture Day

Tuesday,3 November: Culture Day

This is a national holiday designated as a day to celebrate the proclamation of the Constitution of Japan in 1946. It’s also to spread love and peace and to culturally inform people. There are many art-related events and school festivals held on this day and its known as usually being a sunny on this day.


Sunday, 8 November: “Ritto”, or the begging for winter

This is the day indicates begging for winter. On this day, you might feel it starting to get colder in the mornings and evenings. The sunlight also feels weaker, and winter is just around the corner. In Japan, the cold wind that blows in winter is called “Kogarashi”, so the first cold wind that blows around Ritto is called, “Kogarashi No.1”.

A festival day for children three, five and seven years of age

Sunday, 15 November: A day to celebrate the growth of children three, five and seven years of age. It depends on the area, but usually three and seven-year-old girls, and 5-year-old boys celebrate on this day. Children wear Kimono, hakama, or dress up and visit shrines and take pictures at portrait studios. After the ceremony, children get“Chitoseame candy”, a long stick-like candy that represents longevity.

Torino-ichi festival

Wenesday, the 5th, Thursday the 17th, Sunday the 29th of November: Torino-ichi festival

Torino-ichi festival is mainly held in the Kanto area and is held to celebrate good health and wish for the good fortune in the coming new year. There will be many vendors at the shrine. Beautiful rakes are sold here, because they are believed to“rake in”good fortune. The festival is also called “Otorisama”, and is commonly known by people.

Customs for October

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