A zoo with the most panda bears in Japan, “Adventure World” always makes you smile!

It’s about 1 hour from Haneda Airport.
Now that the Kisei Expressway is open, it only takes 2 and a half hours to Shirahama from Osaka.
Shirahama-cho is a town where nature and animals live in harmony. There is a zoo called “Adventure World” in Shirahama that always makes everyone happy!


Adventure World is a must see place for everyone!

Adventure World was awarded the #1 popular destination in Japan on Trip Advisor’s “Traveler’s choice in 2015 (Zoo and Aquarium)”. There are reasons why this zoo has been so popular for all ages.

Adventure World


You can get very close to the Panda bears!

There are 7 Giant pandas at Adventure World and they are all a family. You can watch them eating bamboo leaves, playing with each other, and sleeping.

They had new twin babies, “Ouhin” and “Touhin” on December 2nd, 2014!

Adventure World

Let’s get on the Kenya bus at Safari Park!

There is a large field where animal live inside Safari Park. You can get on a bus and tour the park for free! It’s safe inside the bus, so you can also get a close look at the cheetahs and lions. The herbivore animal area is nice, because you can walk and cycle around the area! Take pictures as you like!

Dolphin show

10 different breeds of dolphins on stage! Don’t miss this wonderful show!

The mountain and sea are a nice background to the pool and is a great representation of Wakayama Prefecture.

Dolphins dance to the music and display a fast and lively performance!
The 10 different breeds of dolphins are very well trained and their performance is A-level. You can’t find anything like this, except at Adventure World.



Get some limited panda souvenirs!

Panda souvenirs and specialties of Shirahama are sold here and I recommend the Panda Doraki cake. It’s a specialty of Japan.

Next time, I’ll introduce you to some good restaurants in Shirahama.


2399 Katata, Shirahama-chō, Nishimuro-gun, Wakayama Prefecture 649-2201

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Kanako Yoshida

Kanako Yoshida


I was born in Wakayama Prefecture, where my family manages a temple, and used to work part time as a Japanese Miko. I love touring temples and shrines wearing my ‘yukata’ (summer kimono) and will introduce relaxing temples and shrines, as well as good restaurants!


Hours 9:30~17:30(Depends on the season)
Price <1DAY PASS> Adult(Older than 18 year old):4100 yen Junior & High school student(12~17 year old):3300 yen Pupils(4~11 year old):2500 yen Senior(Older than 65 year old):3700 yen <1DAY& Unlimited ride for the attractions> Adult(Older than 18 year old):5600 yen Junior & High school student(12~17 year old):4800 yen Pupils(4~11 year old):4000 yen Senior(Older than 65 year old):5200 yen
Close No scheduled holidays
Access About 70 minutes from Haneda Airport From Nanki-Shirahama Airport, take a bus for 5 min.
Phone 0570‐06‐4481
Website http://www.aws-s.com/english/index.php