Hotel Graphy

The Yanesen area is popular among foreign tourists.

I visited Hotel Graphy in the Yanesen area, popular among foreign tourists.
There is an area called Yanesen, which takes about 10 minutes by train from Tokyo station.(Yanesen is the area of Yanaka, Nezu, and Sendagi.)
When you think of Tokyo, you might imagine skyscrapers and elaborate buildings, but this area is very different. At night it gets very dark, and you may not even realize you’re in Tokyo.
You’ll find museums, a zoo in Ueno Park, and a popular old shopping street.
Many foreign tourists come here to experience traditional culture, art, and the history of Japan.


Friendly staff will welcome you.

It takes about 3 minutes by foot from Nezu station. I walked through the narrow path in Nezu and arrived at a modern hotel called, Hotel Graphy.
The managers, Koji and Yuya welcomed me. The Staff are young, energetic, and very friendly. Some of them can even speak German, Chinese, Korean, and English. If you haven’t decided what to do in Tokyo, please ask them for advice. They can suggest some good pork cutlet restaurants, sushi restaurants, and public baths that only local people know about.

Reception: Koji and Yuya

Next to the reception area there’s a washitsu, a tatami matted room where travelers can chat and relax. They will periodically hold hot pot parties, markets, and exhibitions of modern looking traditional handcrafts in this room.

The Washitsu

There’s a large living room where you can relax on their comfortable sofa and enjoy watching TV on a large screen television.

 The Living room

A kitchen is available with unique dish ware and cutlery, and its fun to buy food at the supermarket and cook together with everyone. I can easily imagine why people gather here.

The Kitchen and Dining room

You can see the Tokyo Sky Tree from the roof top! It’s an unobstructed view where you can spend time just gazing in to the sky. It would be so wonderful to have breakfast in the morning sunlight!

The Roof top

Simple and stylish rooms

This is not a Japanese style room, so it might be more comfortable for foreign tourists.
There are 64 different varieties of rooms to choose from.

The Rooms

The Rooms

Everyone’s oasis, the café bar.

This part is my favorite! A café with a terrace. One of my favorite foods are breakfast sandwiches, and they offer them with tofu, marinated saba, and various others ingredients. My favorite is the dashi-maki tamago sandwiches. It’s a large portion and a great way to start the day.
During the evening, you’ll find travelers and local people chatting over beers.

The café bar


The staff at the The café bar
Ken and Shuya

The staff are all very friendly, so please ask them for help if you are having trouble traveling, or don’t know what to do.

tokyo tower

Let’s get a bicycle!

Why not go to Asakusa or Odaiba by bike? You can rent manual and electric bikes here, which are available for one-way tours, because there is another bicycle station where you can return them. It’s nice to travel by bike and find hidden places that are not in your guidebook.

Couples from Australia

Good things about staying at HOTEL GRAPHY

We met some couples from Australia and they said the hotel is “clean and comfortable.” They came to Japan because they love anime and they enjoy Akihabara. Tomorrow they are going to Disneyland.


90% of the hotel guests are foreign tourists and they provides both Japanese and Western style amenities.
You can get to know other travelers, the staff, local people, and its a great place for those who want to communicate with foreign people. The day I visited it was completely booked, so plan and book your reservation early!



4-5-10 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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Address 4-5-10 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Hours am8:30~pm11:00
Price 7,200yen〜(including tax)
Access 3 min walk from the Chiyoda line, “Nezu” station. 14 min walk from the Nanboku line, “Todaimae” station. 14 min walk from the JR “Ueno” station.
Phone 03-3828-7377