A lot of Japanese people, especially women, are passionate about trying new chocolate. A few weeks before Valentine’s Day, a wide variety of chocolates are offered just about everywhere in Japan. (Why chocolate? The origin and custom of the Japanese Valentine’s day can be found here: this article .) Department stores are a great example of this. Their designer snack areas are full of chocolates, as if they were chocolate museums.

Check out Valentine’s Day chocolates, associated with the common food and drink of Japan. Please note that they are all limited editions for this Valentine’s season.

【Green Tea (Matcha)】

“Bon Bon Chocolat” produced by Tsujiri (辻利)

Bon Bon Chocolat

Tsujiri’s green tea specialists chose chocolate to best match Uji city’s (a city in Kyoto prefecture, famous for green tea production) Matcha. Ingredients such as citron peelings, sesame, and Japanese pepper also make them exclusive.

Website: tsujiri-net.jp/valentine (Japanese text only)
Sold at: Isetan Shinjyuku and the other department stores

【Soybeans and Hojicha】

Hojicha-iri-Daizu (ほうじ茶煎り大豆), produced by Kanou Shoujyuan (叶 匠壽庵)


Hojicha-iri-Daizu is a three layered chocolate. Roasted soybeans covered with sweet chocolate are coated with Hoji-cha (roasted green tea) powder. Enjoy the noble flavor of Hoji-cha.

Web site: kanou.com/products/list. (Japanese text only)
Sold at: Takashimaya Nihonbashi Store and the other department stores


Premium Hozan Chocolate (宝山) produced by irina

Premium Hozan Chocolate (宝山)

The Nishi brewery offers three different types of Shochu and irina chose the chocolates that best accompany them. Shochu is distilled spirits native to Japan and Hozan is a famous Shochu brand. Hozan is made from sweet potatoes with black, yellow, or white koji-malt. The chocolates are chosen to best suit each of the malts.

Sold at: Printemps Ginza and the other stores

It is very common for Japanese people to express their gratitude by giving Valentine’s Day chocolate to their family, friends, and colleagues.

Why not buy some chocolates sold only during this season in Japan for your special someone?

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