DON’T MISS IT! You can dance with Tuna fish at a nightclub in Tokyo! A special party thrown by the coolest Japanese party organizer!

I (NATSUKI) will be introducing ever changing Tokyo!
Today I will introduce a different kind of nightlife in Tokyo!
Afromance, the up and coming party organizer in Tokyo, held a very interesting event!

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”Tuna House”

Collaboration between a nightclub and the act of filleting tuna!

For those who are bored with the normal party scene of drinking and dancing, here’s the solution. The Tokyo-based party organizer Afromance is the guy who’ll bring you some of the most outrageous events in Tokyo’s nightlife! He is known for organizing various subcultures, dance events, and idol-related events. “Slide The City” is an event where they convert a whole road into a huge water slide. He is most known for throwing a “Bubble party” at various clubs in Japan.

DJing before filleting tuna
Tuna and DJ’s on the screen!

A large tuna fish in the nightclub!

The party is called “Tuna House”, and was held in Tokyo at the end of last year. What’s so crazy about this party was that, they brought out large tuna fish while cool EDM music was playing! Several sushi chefs then appeared on stage during the music and started cutting up the tuna! Where on the earth can you see tuna being cut in a nightclub?! The filleting perfomance heated up as the music went on. I felt very amused, seeing all these international clubgoers dancing and watching this tuna event in Shibuya.

Dancers disguised as sushi chefs!
Japanese and foreign clubgoers were all very excited!
Raw tuna
Tuna was served to everyone.

Eating tuna in a dance club… how awkward!

The cut tuna was served with delicious soup, which reminded me of my mothers cooking. Loud music was playing with dancers dressed in sushi chef costumes on the stage! There were many foreign tourists, and I often heard people speaking English.

Everyone loves tuna!
Guests eating tuna.

Afromance’s next event is in March!

This event will be held at one of the legendary clubs in Tokyo called, “CLUB ASIA”.
It has three floors from where you can see the stage from. This is one of my favorite clubs. They usually hold HIPHOP, EDM, and ELECTRO music events. Why not drop by if you’re in Tokyo? The cool events usually happen on the weekends. Afromance’s next event is the “Bubble party” on Saturday, March 12th at CLUB asia.
His events are always very unique, so definitely check him out if you’re into clubbing!

They have great music and serve great drinks.

CLUB asia


1-8 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo

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Address 1-8 Maruyamacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
Hours PM22:00~LAST(Depends on the event)
Price Average cost from 3,000 yen
Close No scheduled holidays
Access JR Yamanote Line, Hanzomon Line, Ginza Line, Shibuya station
Phone 03-5458-2551