A helpful tourist information center in Nara, Part 2: The General Tourist Information Center at Kintestu Nara station is very convenient!

This tourist center is inside the Kintetsu Nara station and they always have English speaking staff available.

A General tourist information center at Kintestu Nara station

Maps at the station
Maps at the station


The main languages are English and Japanese

If you go to the East exit, you’ll see a large map on the backside of the escalator. If you follow the sign on the map, you can get maps in many languages. This map station is not the information center. This information center very close to the station, while the Sanjo tourist information center is located in between the Kintestu Nara and JR Nara stations.
They provide a guide in English and Japanese. English-speaking staff is available between 9:00 and 21:00. You can get pamphlets for exhibitions and events happening in Nara.

Shikamaro-kun stamp
Shikamaro-kun stamp
English pamphlets
English pamphlets

If it starts raining, come here to pick up an umbrella!

You can get Shikamaro-kun’s stamps at this center. Shikamaro-kun is the official mascot character for the Nara Tourism Association. You can even get goods from the vending machine. They also offer umbrellas for tourists, which you can return to any of the three information centers in town. If you are disabled, you can even rent a wheelchair. They’ll also help you with booking a hotel room.

Here are some places I recommend in Nara.
Nara Karakuri Omocha-kan
Yagyu Ittoseki
Sarusawa-ike pond
You can refer to this for more information!


1F Kintetcu Bild. 28 Higashimukinakamachi, Nara city, Nara, 630-8215

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Address 1F Kintetcu Bild. 28 Higashimukinakamachi, Nara city, Nara, 630-8215
Hours Opening hours 9:00〜21:00 
English speaking staff 9:00〜21:00
Price Free
Close No scheduled holidays
Access A 5 min walk from Kintestu Nara station’s East exit
Phone 0742-24-4858
Language Japanese