We visited the Tohoku and Hokkaido’s sightseeing symposium!
It’s the best Hanami location!
Speaking of Japanese summer, it’s Tohoku’s extravagant festivals!
Interesting food culture in each area!
Which do you like better, Shinkansen or Airplane?
Sightseeing between Hokkaiso and Tohoku will be popular, I guess!

We visited the Tohoku and Hokkaido’s sightseeing symposium!

Hokkaido Shinkansen has finally started operation! You can now go to Hokkaido from Tokyo in about 4 hour that is even 1h 30min faster than it used to be!
What do you imagine when hearing Tohoku?
Maybe you are not sure what is happenening this area, so we visited the symposium of PR for sightseeing in Tohoku and Hokkaido.会場写真 There are “Tohoku’s 100 selections to see/eat/buy” that was chosen by Japan tourism Agency. These items are picked up from 6 prefectures in Tohoku area, and these are often very hidden or unknown good items. They were exhibited at the syposium, so I’ll tell you some of them!

*Looking at the exhbitions, they are selected specialties from 6 different prefectures in Tohoku area.

It’s the best Hanami location!

Speaking of spring, it’s cherry blossom! Out of the many exhbited panels, what caught me was the Hanami location!

At Hanamiyama Park, the cherry blossoms bloom from the beginning of April to the mid April. There will be ume plum trees, several different types of cherry blossoms, weeping forsythia,japanese quince and prunes persica. Each flower shows pale pink, dark pink, white and yellow color, and it is difinitely worth to take a look!


After the mid April, Hirosaki Castle is good to visit, because you can enjoy both of the best cherry blossoms and Hirosaki Castle, the traditional castle that was built about 400 years ago.


If you visit there during the Golden Week, “ Goryokaku tower ” in Hakodate, Hokkaido is also worth to see. Here you can see the cherry blossoms that are bloomed in the shape of star!

*Photo by

Why don’t you come and visit here to have the best hanami experience this spring?

Speaking of Japanese summer, it’s Tohoku’s extravagant festivals!

At the Tohoku booth, there was a small Nebuta!青森ねぶた祭_青森市

Speaking of Tohoku, a lot of people will instantly imagine this Nebuta.
This one is small, but at the festival 20 of 9m tall nebuta will parade in town.
Please feel the groove of Okedaiko drums, and the sound of whistle and bell.The “jumping man”jumps when they shout “rasse-ra!”.
It’s so fun to see! If you are also in their jumping man’s costume, you don’t have to wait at the reception, and you can just join them! You can buy the costume at the supermarkets at 5,000 yen. It’s more fun to join compare to just watching!

We want to see the real Nebuta this year, so wish us luck! We took the photo with the small NebutaFRC_4312

At the stage, we saw the Sansa dance from Morioka Prefecture.
It was full of energy, and it was so powerful!
After the show, there will a workshop where anyone can join and learn how to dance Sansa from 1st August to 4th August.


*A visitor watching Sansa dance

<5 biggest festivals in Tohoku>

These are really famous festival in Japan, so you should visit each of them.

Morioka Sansa Dance 1st  to 4th August

Aomori Nebuta festival 2nd to 7th August

Akita Kantou Festuval 3rd to 6th August

Yamagata Hanakasa Festival 5th to 7th August

Sendai Tanabata Festival 6th to 8th August

Interesting food culture in each area!

Yes!! I was waiting for sampling corners!
I tried the cider made of Apples from Aomori Prefecture. It was so easy to drink, because it tasted like juice!

*He finished it so quickly!

This is “Doburoku”. This alchol is said to be easy for those who don’t like sake. It tastes sweet. Doburoku is fermented Amazake.


This one is Imoni or potato stew. The taste could be differed in each region, and this time we had Yamagata prefecture’s one. It is seasoned with soy sauce, and has taro, beef, spring onion, konnyaku and gobo. In Autumn, there will be soup kitchen event around the river. It sounds so fun, isn’t it?

By the way, Miyagi Prefecture’s one has pork in it.


*Tasting potato stew with chop sticks.

Othere than that, there were Kiritanpo from Akita Prefecture, fried noodle, Yokote and so on. I couldn’t even believe that all of them were just samples! Good food makes everyone smile!

Food culture is one of the biggest reasons to go to Japan!

* He was surprised by the fact that Kiritanpo is made of rice

There were too many information about Tohoku’s 100 selections and Dona area in Hokkaido. Please check the website if you are interested!

Which do you like better, Shinkansen or Airplane?

You maybe wondering which is better to take Shinkansen or plane considering time and money.

What good about Shinkansen is that you can enjoy the scenry friom the window.
It’s so nice to see the gradually changing scnery, and also you can get off on the way. You don’t have to wait 2 hours before like taking airplane.You can even just come 1 min before.
Con is Shinkansen takes more time sompare to plane.
If you want to enjoy slow travel, I difinitely recommend Shinkansen.

Sightseeing between Hokkaiso and Tohoku will be popular, I guess!

It was sensational that the traveling time from Tokyo to Hokkaido became shorter, but of course, traveling between Tohoku and Hokkaido became also much easier!
Since you can travel more in a day, you can now travel both of Tohoku and Hokkaido.
If you are a foreigner, you should buy Japan Rail Pass!  By this pass, you can get on and off any train anytime during your stay. Of course Shinkansen is included, so you can take the Hokkaido Shinkansen too.It will be warmer, and nicer in Japan from April! 北海道・道南TOP

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