We Interviewed foreign tourists on Ameyoko Shopping Street!

Ueno is an area with 8 famous cultural facilities including a museum and a zoo. Ameya-yokocho shopping street is located in the center of Ueno, and is famous for its wide variety of affordable merchandise. There are about 400 different types of stores for things such as food and household goods. Today, we interviewed foreign tourists in Ameyoko about their favorite places in Japan!

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1:Her favorite sweets in Tokyo are also popular in New York City!
2:Their favorite souvenir and a Ryokan in Hakone
3:Tokyo is very large, and yet very safe
4:Their favorite BBQ place in Tokyo!
5: Japanese culture, Manga!

1:Her favorite sweets in Tokyo are also popular in New York City!

Ameyoko shopping street
A woman from Sydney, Australia

Where have you been today?
I went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum to see the special exhibition for Ito Jakuchu, but I had to wait for 3 hours! I was really surprised at the number of tourists.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum http://www.tobikan.jp/(Japanese Text Only
The Jakuchu Exhibition http://jakuchu2016.jp/(Japanese Text Only
) (22.4.2016~24.5.2016)

What do you like in Japan?
I visited Kamakyura today, it was very peaceful and I really enjoyed it.
Ura-Harajuku is also my favorite.
I wanted to try pastries from DOMINIQUE ANSEL BAKERY TOKYO in Ura-Harajuku, but there was a long line and I couldn’t get in! This shop is also popular in New York City. Their sweets are made by French bread makers. It’s like a combination of donuts and croissants! I was disappointed that I couldn’t have one!

(Official Website)
New sweets inspired by the traditional sweets of Brittany, France【DKA】

Do you have any advice for foreign tourists who are coming to Japan?
One thing I suggest for sure is that, you’ll need a tour guide. I travelled with a guide at the beginning of my trip, and I traveled alone at one point. I was confused, because there were so many things that I don’t know. People in Tokyo are friendly, and you’ll have no problem traveling alone, but with a tour guide you can ask anything at anytime.

Ameyoko shopping street
A couple from Switzerland

2:Their favorite souvenir and a Ryokan in Hakone

What are you looking for in Ameyoko?
I heard that there is a 100-yen shop, so we came here to buy some souvenirs. We also plan to buy mochi (rice cakes) and Tokyo bananas. I personally don’t like them, but their famous in Switzerland as a souvenir from Tokyo.

(Official Website) Tokyo Bananas: Banana-shaped, soft sponge cakes with custard http://www.tokyobanana.jp/

(Official Website) Tokyo Bananas: Banana-shaped, soft sponge cakes with custard


What do you like about Tokyo?
I like Asakusa. We like the calmer side roads. Shinjuku Gyoen was also relaxing. We also like Kyoto and Nara. Kinkakuji Temple and Fushimi Inari Shrine were amazing! We also saw deer at Kasuga Taisha.

Where have you been staying?
We are now at a hotel in Shinjuku, but we stayed at Bansuiro Fukuzumi when we were in Hakone.

We decide to stay here, because the photo of the place was nice. It was really nice staying here, listening to the sounds of the river and being surrounded by nature. Their traditional dinner was also amazing! We ate a lot of fresh seafood, steamed dishes, and fried dishes. It was a great experience for us.

(Official Website) The dishes
(Official Website) The dishes

The breakfast was nice! We tried a variety of healthy Japanese dishes!

Ameyoko shopping street
A gentleman from Germany in Tokyo on a business trip

3:Tokyo is very large, and yet very safe

What are you looking for in Ameyoko?
I have been here once and I really liked the atmosphere with the street vendors, so I wanted to see it again.

Where do you recommend visiting to foreign tourists?
Definitely Okinawa! If it’s in Tokyo, I would say Shibuya and Shinjuku.

What do you like about Japan?
Tokyo is such a huge city, and yet is very safe! There are westernized areas, but the architecture and food are completely different from Germany. I was gazing at King crabs at a shop just seconds ago. Ha-ha, I also saw octopus!
I like Tokyo because it is westernized (it’s familiar to me), and Tokyo shows good sides of Japan.

Boiled king crab and octopus
Ameyoko shopping street

4:Their favorite BBQ place in Tokyo!

Where have you been today?
We are just wondering around Ueno after going to Ueno Park.
We wanted to see the museum, but it was closed today, so we are now just enjoying walking.

Have you tried Japanese food?
We ate sushi and ramen! We like the BBQ area on the roof of Tower Records in Shibuya. It was amazing, and we drank and ate a lot!


(Official Website)
The All you can eat & drink BBQ garden at Tower Records

What will be your best memory of Japan?
We learned calligraphy at the International Center in Kyoto station. It was an amazing experience!
【International Center in Kyoto】

Do you have any advice for foreigners who are coming to Japan?
Everyone is so kind and we haven’t experienced any inconveniences. It’s probably good to have IC cards for transportation like, PASMO.

Ameyoko shopping street
A couple from Spain and France

5: Japanese culture, Manga!

What have you been doing?
We just arrived in Ameyoko, and are now heading to Ueno Park. This area is so cool! It’s amazing to see the train running beside the market!

What do you like about Japan?
Japanese culture is completely different from Europe. For example, Manga. Manga is for children in Europe, but it is more established as a culture in Japan. Adults here even read it.
Games are also part of popular culture for everyone, and I think it’s amazing that people in their 50’s and 60’s enjoy them.

You can enjoy different scenery in different areas in Tokyo, and I like that!

Do you have anything that you want to try?
I want to see Sumo and learn calligraphy. I also want to eat sushi.
I know Japanese people eat it everyday, right?

(Staff)Sushi can get very expensive, so our family eats higher quality sushi on special occasions. There is also cheaper sushi that you can eat more often for less!

Nice! We will try the really good sushi, since we are here as tourists!

There will be more people coming to eat dinner in Ueno in the evening.
We recommend that you to go to Hamachan, where you can eat fresh seafood.
They have an English menu too.

A special thanks to everyone who participated in our interview!



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