Shopping with a chef of Sushi-Dining Tsuruoka at Tsukiji fish market!

The atmosphere of the Edo Period and the emotions of a traditional working-class neighborhood (shitamachi) still exist in Tokyo’s greatest tourist spot, Asakusa.
Located near the Kaminarimon Gate, Sushi-Dining Tsuruoka has the appearance of a modern café and is popular among young people. You can even enjoy authentic Edomae-sushi!


A 3-minute walk from Kaminarimon Gate, Sushi-Dining Tsuruoka prefers to use fresh ingredients.

The atmosphere of the Edo Period and the emotions of a traditional working-class neighborhood (shitamachi) still exist in Asakusa, an extremely popular locale among tourists from both home and abroad. The Kaminarimon-gate in Asakusa is a famous photo spot and is always crowded with tourists.
Nakamise-Dori street from the Kaminarimon Gate to Sensoji Temple is full of energy with international tourists shopping and eating snacks.


Nakamise-Dori street

Do you know about Sushiya-Dori street in Asakusa?
It’s a 100-meter long shopping arcade from Kaminarimon street to Rokku Broadway.
It’s called Sushiya-Dori street because there were a lot of sushi restaurants located here before the war. Sushi-Dining Tsuruoka is located on a side road of this street.

I accompanied chef Tsuruoka at Tsukiji Fish Market to purchase fresh sushi ingredients.

Tsukiji Fish Market_1

Tsukiji Fish Market_2

Tsukiji Fish Market_3

It’s 8:30 in the morning and I’m with chef Tsuruoka at Tsukiji Market, the largest fish market in the world. I can see many cargo vehicles and turret trucks racing around as I walk in. Tsukiji Market is humming with activity in the early morning hours.

Tsukiji market is split into two areas, the inner and outer markets. The inner market is the intermediate wholesale area, where professional buyers like fish-mongers and sushi chefs visit to make their purchases. (Open to the general public after 10 a.m.)

Chef Tsuruoka stopped by a greengrocer in Uogashi Yokocho to buy some vegetables before going to the intermediate wholesale area.
Uogashi Yokocho

Uogashi Yokocho matsutake

We’ll now head for the intermediate wholesale area.

Chef Tsuruoka slips through the maze-like wholesale area, exchanging hellos with the staff he knows.



It’s a fresh seafood paradise!
Freshly caught fish and shellfish are on display at each shop.



While I curiously look around, Chef Tsuruoka makes his purchases quickly and efficiently, just as one would expect of a professional!



Sometimes items will sell out if he’s late to the market, so he asks the clerks to hold specific items he needs by telephone in advance. It must be based on a relationship of mutual trust.
This Tsukiji Market will move to Toyosu in the Koto-Ward of Tokyo in November 2016. Shops and restaurants in the outer market will stay open for business at the original location.
This is good news, even though it’s sad that we won’t be able to experience the same lively atmosphere of Tsukiji Market.
If you have never been to Tsukiji Market, try to visit before it moves to it’s new location.(As of September in 2016,Tsukiji fish market relocation postponed.)

Have an Edomae sushi lunch at a restaurant with a modern appearance with simple decor on a back street in Asakusa.

As you enter there is a completely different atmosphere from the other older restaurants. They provide seating for 6 at the counter and at four tables. It’s a radically minimal interior without a lot of decorations. The owner and chef, Mr. Tsuruoka, wants the younger generation to enjoy sushi in a lighthearted and fun manner. The younger generation might be more apprehensive to visit long-established sushi restaurants. Young people can enjoy sushi in a more modern restaurant like Sushi-Dining Tsuruoka.


I had sushi lunch at the counter on my recent visit.
You can not only enjoy nigiri-sushi, but also various rice bowl dishes at reasonable prices during lunchtime.
I ordered the “Chirashi-bowl”, an assortment of sashimi (raw fish) in a bowl of rice. My companion chose “3 shoku-don”.

The Chirashi-bowl is 1,000 yen (tax excluded). All lunch dishes include miso soup.
It’s a beautiful dish with several kinds of sashimi, salmon roe, egg, and thin strips
of cucumber. The vinegar rice has a favorable balance of vinegar and is good for women.

This is the 3 shoku-don, which means a rice bowl dish with 3 colors. It comes with slices of fresh scallops, salmon, and crab meat over rice. It looks filling!

Take a seat at the counter, where you can observe the chef at work!

You can observe the skills of the chef who has 29 years’ experience by sitting at the counter. He cuts a cucumber into long thin strips and makes nigiri-sushi in the blink of an eye!




Various menu items with extremely fresh ingredients from the Tsukiji fish market

All ingredients are selected from Tsukiji fish market by this discerning chef. Nigiri-sushi, as well as various other dishes, has a lot of flavorful ingredients. They also have a good selection of sake, distilled spirits, and wine that goes very well with their dishes.
Chef Tsuruoka

An English menu is available, so people from abroad can easily order food.
menu in English

★Sushi workshop at Tsuruoka has been taken up by the local newspaper in Asakusa!
Please check it out!

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Address 1-6-5 Asakusa, Taito-ku Tokyo 111-0032
Hours Lunch: 11:30-14:00
(until 15:00 on Sat., Sun., and holidays)
Dinner: 17:00-22:30
(Last order: 22:00)
Price -
Close Closed Wednesday
Access ・5-minute walk from Asakusa Station, Tsukuba Express
・7-minute walk from Asakusa Station, Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
Phone 03-6802-7173
Website (Japanese text only)