Watching the traditional Japanese performing art Noh, on a special stage installed in Zojoji Temple【Daimon, Tokyo】

You will have an opportunity to watch the Japanese performing art Noh, on a special occasion. The Zojoji Temple, near the famous Tokyo Tower, is going to host Takigi Noh this coming October. You can’t miss the evening Noh performance at a historical heritage site!

Takigi Noh

Photo credit: Zojoji Temple

What is a Noh performance?
The Zojoji Temple and Noh performance
Event information

Zojoji Temple, located in the Tokyo tower area will hold it’s annual Noh (能) performance October 1st, 2016.

The Zojoji Temple

What is a Noh performance?

Noh is the performing art that has more than 600 years of history. The art is designated as important intangible cultural heritage of Japan and its unique and authentic art form is respected by the global society.

Takigi Noh

The performance was derived from both the Shinto ritual and Dengaku dancing performance of ordinary people. During the Muromachi period, it was developed and completed by Kan-ami(観阿弥) and Ze-am (世阿弥). The philosophy of the Noh performing art, Yugen (幽玄) well suited the Samurai spirits. Yugen is unlimitedly expanding beauty and nature of the things. The central government: Edo Shogunate had supported the art as an official ceremonial event until the end of the Edo period.

Information about Noh masks:

The Zojoji Temple and Noh performance

The Zojoji Temple’s Noh performance stage has been used since the Edo period. The stage was originally located in the area where the Tokyo tower stands today, but the hall had been burned down several times and was finally moved to a temporary stage in the temple.

Takigi Noh

An attraction of this Noh performance at Zojoji temple is that the performance is held during the evening under the lighting of firewood. Its bright red colored gate and the green of the pine tree will be brilliantly highlighted under the dark sky.

Takigi Noh

Event information

The Takigi Noh at the Zojoji temple is popular among people who are fans of Noh, as well as foreign visitors. Isn’t it a spectacle that the traditional performance art is held on the temple premises by the light of firewood? Let’s experience the world of Noh at the Zojoji Temple!

【Date and Time】
Date: The 1st of October, 2016
Time: 18.00~

A special temporary stage located on the Zojoji Temple premises

【Prices】* The tickets are available at the Zojoji temple office
Reserved seats: S/A seats are all sold out.
B seats: 4000 yen
Non-reserved seats: 2000 yen

Zojoji Temple: 03-3432-1431(9.00-17.00)

【Website】(Japanese text only)


4-7-35 Shibakoen Minato-ku, Tokyo

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