What do foreign tourists think about Japan, Vol. 2 ~Events~

When I took my Belgian friends around Tokyo, I felt that their views of Japan were different from what Japanese people think. I rediscovered fascinating things about Japan from this. I introduced some impressions that foreign tourists have about the high technology of Tokyo last time.
What do foreign tourists think about “High-tech” in Japan, Vol.1

This time, I will introduce summer events my Belgian friends went to, and my opinions about the differences between Japan and Germany.

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What do foreign tourists think about events in Japan, Vol. 2

What do foreign tourists think about events in Japan, Vol. 2

A summer event
They enjoyed some summer events in Tokyo

How to enjoy summer in Tokyo!

My friends were curious about events in Tokyo because there are many held almost everyday. There are many different types of summer events in Tokyo such as food festivals, running events, and music festivals. People also enjoy traditional Japanese festivals, Bon dance, and event food.
Bon is an annual Buddhist event for commemorating one’s ancestors.
Bon dance is a dance during memorial services for the dead during bon period.
There are rows of food vendors at events as well as various activities for children such as shooting games, goldfish scooping games, and ring toss.


My friend’s favorite summer events in Tokyo

They especially liked the ART AQUARIUM and fireworks festival in Shinjuku.
My friends were excited to see many kinds of goldfish and were mesmerized by the unique atmosphere at this exhibition.
The ART AQUARIUM is an art exhibition displaying goldfish in water tanks of various shapes.
People can feel “refreshing coolness” and “Japanese beauty” with all five senses from projected images, Japanese traditional music, and colorful lighting.


We watched the fireworks festival in Shinjuku from inside, because it was raining. In Berlin, there are no fireworks festivals during the summer season.
My friend liked the big, round fireworks. She said “Japanese fireworks are really nice!” Everyone can enjoy the fireworks from different angles because they are launched from different directions at different time intervals.
I never saw the round shaped fireworks in Germany. People can see the same big, round fireworks from any angle in Japan.
According to one theory, Japanese fireworks were for all the people to see in Japan during the old days, so the pyrotechnician developed round fireworks.
In contrast, the fireworks overseas were for aristocrats during the old days, so only they could watch them from their homes.
It was very interesting for me to learn about the history of fireworks in each country.

Japanese animation fascinates many people regardless of age or gender.

My friends visited an exhibition on Japanese animation.
They couldn’t understand the Japanese language but were so touched by each work at the exhibition.

Japanese animations are widely accepted by people overseas, and some are aired on German TV programs and screened in Movie theatres.

My other German friend said “German animations are only for children but Japanese animation fascinates many people regardless of age or gender.”
For example, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, is especially popular in Germany because it faithfully depicts the German and Swiss culture.
German people of all generations learn from Heidi because it’s a profound story with emotion.

What do Japanese people think about the culture of animation in Japan?
I think animation is familiar to Japanese people and we unintentionally learn a lot of things from it beginning from our childhood. Children learn about the culture of foreign countries and the history of Japan from animation films.

Genuine sushi
They ate genuine sushi.

My friend said “We can’t get enough of Tokyo, because there are so many things here.” “We not only enjoy sightseeing, but also seasonal events.” “These were our first experiences of Japan.”
They really enjoyed events in Tokyo and Japanese food!
“We want to eat genuine sushi in Japan, but also want to try new Japanese food that we may not have heard of before.”

I will introduce some interesting Japanese foods from a foreign tourist’s point of view next time.

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