Shaved ice is very in at the moment in Shimokitazawa, a hip quartier of Tokyo!

Shimokitazawa is the town that mixes up different attractions like music, food, and secondhand clothing fashion. It is a very popular place among many people regardless of age, gender, and nationality.
I will introduce the town of Shimokitazawa and it’s very popular shaved ice.

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A unique optician in Shimokitazawa

What are interesting things about Shimokitazawa?

Shimokitazawa has many unique attractions such as music, theatrics, secondhand fashion, and literature. The foods served in Shimokitazawa also entertain many gourmets’. In 2014, this town was selected by the American fashion magazine VOGUE as one of the best 15 cities in the world, placing a high value on the culture of the city.

A colorful optician in Shimokitazawa

There are many shops and restaurants that have an original concept such as an optician with an exotic atmosphere and a Japanese organic vegetable café. You might not find these kinds of unique shops in other towns of Tokyo.

The farmers café uses the seasonal organic vegetables of Japan

The customers who were walking around Shimokitazawa looked so happy finding their favorite shops, such as colorful secondhand clothing shops and variety goods stores that have their own unique style.

We think of Shimokitazawa as a bustling town. However, a peaceful and calm residential area is located just steps away from the station. I felt many people love the town because of the mixture of its neighborhood hospitality and the hipster culture.

Let’s find your favorite shaved ice in Shimokitazawa with the Kakigori map!

Kakigori map
The Kakigori map in 5 languages

Kakigori is a Japanese desert made of shaved ice and is enjoyed during the summer season. Kakigori is served with various flavors of syrups, and sometimes with a choice of assorted toppings.

There are many Kakigori shops in Shimokitazawa and they all compete for an original taste.

The Shimokita shopping street made Kakigori maps in 5 languages: Japanese, English, Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. This map introduces the 5 most popular Kakigori shops in Shimokitazawa. It not only shows the characteristics of Kakigori, but also wi-fi spots, public toilets, and ATMs’. Moreover, you can learn where to eat Kakigori from the map!
The Kakigori shops on the map usually provide a dish throughout the year, but the availability depends on the shop. Please contact the shop before you visit.

Some shops on the Shimokitazawa shopping street offer tax exemption for foreign tourists. If you would like take advantage, please inquire at each shop.

Their shopping street guidebook in English is a useful, please take one!

A tailor
A stylish tailor in Shimokitazawa

There are a large range of variety goods shops and secondhand clothing shops. You can find your favorite from the many options. Please enjoy shopping on the Shimokitazawa shopping street.

The Ballondessai
Espresso Kakigori at Ballondessai

The café on the Kakigori map provides espresso shaved ice with a good balance of bitter and sweet taste, favored by adults.

The Ballondessai is a latte specialty coffee shop that provides authentic latte and art coffee. The shop buys high quality coffee beans from coffee bean wholesalers. The barista has been making delicious latte for a very long time. You can also enjoy various other drinks made with espresso.

The espresso Kakigori, mentioned in the Kakigori map, is very popular at this shop. It has vanilla ice cream and coffee jelly under shaved ice. The barista pours fresh espresso on top of the shaved ice. Its bitterness and sweetness balance very well and the flavor is preferred by adults.

You can request your favorite image of art on a cup of latte. Enjoy their pretty and tasty latte.

They make beautiful latte art by request
Ballondessai Latte & Art

  • Address:2-30-11 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Opening hours:11:30am-9:00pm(weekends)/10:30am-9:00pm (Sat, Sun and public holidays)
  • Closing dates:Mondays
  • Telephone:03-6407-0511
  • WebsiteBallondessai Latte & Art(Japanese text only)

Men and women of all ages can enjoy in Shimokitazawa.

I believe if you visit Shimokitazawa once, you’ll want to come back again and again. Please enjoy Shimokitazawa.

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2-23 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo

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Address 2-23 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo (Shimokitazawa Station)
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Access Shimokitazawa Station on Keio Inokashira Line and Odakyu Line
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