Let’s go for a walk wearing a new style of Kimono!

The kimono wearing experience is very popular among foreign tourists.
Even in Japan, there are very few people who wear kimono on a regular basis.
When we wear a kimono, the scenery around us looks different. It’s fun to experience this special atmosphere.
If you want a different kind of Kimono wearing experience, try the Kimono dressing service by Ms. Michael Yui!
Ms. Michael Yui Maejima’s specialty is called “out-there”, and coordinates a combination of kimono and clothes, hats, and accessories.
If you want to walk around in a stylish kimono that gets attention, try her kimono dressing service!

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Try an avant-garde kimono from a super kimono stylist!

Michael Yui is a super kimono stylist who attracts attention with her unique coordination of kimono with other clothes. After she obtained a license as a grand master of kimono dressing from the school of Tachibana, she has been working as a kimono dresser at various places including beauty parlors and wedding halls. However, she wanted people to wear kimonos free-and-easy, thus reaching her current style of a “freewheeling kimono”.

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Stylish and girlish!
Stylish and girlish!

Michael will suggest edgy ideas to you using combinations of kimono with sneakers, high heels, hats, scarves, and jewelry.
If you want to wear a kimono, different from the traditional style, you can try one with a novel pattern and an obi belt with a modern twist.
She can also provide you with traditional styles.

A kimono with a novel pattern gives a youthful and neat impression, depending on the combination.
A kimono with a novel pattern gives a youthful and neat impression, depending on the combination.

Enjoy kimono with flexible and bold ideas!

Her ideas for kimono are popular among foreign tourists, because they are not as familiar with kimono as Japanese people are, so they have a more flexible attitude.
Foreign tourists who know a lot about Japan, enjoy wearing traditional, informal kimonos with striped patterns from the Edo Period.
Why don’t you try an exciting combination of kimono?
Michael and her treasure trove of new ideas will give you a helping hand!

Michael’s recent favorite: The exaggerated collar style
Michael’s recent favorite: The exaggerated collar style

Let’s experience kimono dressing!

kimono taiken-4
Michael provides a kimono experience program for foreign tourists called “Kimono Fashionista”.
You can learn to wear kimono in modish way with her style. After the experience, you can wear it in your country. Discover the new ways to treat Kimono!

She also provides kimono dressing for men. How about participating with your boyfriend or husband?

Urban kimono style for men
Urban kimono style for men

Michael’s love for kimono.

Michael has been active as a kimono stylist using novel combinations of kimono and clothing.
She loves kimono so much and wants to hand down the kimono culture 1000 years ahead in time.
She wants people to casually incorporate kimono into their daily routine.

How about incorporating kimono into your own daily routine?

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