Sakura cherry blossom forecast 2017 in Japan

【Last Updated: 21 Apr.】
Tadaima Japan will inform you on the cherry blossom forecast for spring 2017.
We will also recommend places to see cherry trees ranging from famous, to hidden local spots.

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For centuries, viewing cherry blossoms has been a great pleasure for Japanese people, and many have cherry blossom observation parties under the trees. As Japanese people begin looking forward to this time, the Japan Meteorological Agency announces their forecast for the best times to see sakura in early March.
We would like to share this important information here on our website!

Sakura blooming forecast

Tadaima Japan will update the cherry blossom forecast for Spring 2017.

Map of Japan
Map of Japan


Forecast/ Status
Links to our articles and notes
sakura Tochoji temple and Maizuru Park, FUKUOKA
Nishi Park, FUKUOKA
sakura Yawaragi no michi,KYOTO
sakura Kawazu, SIZUOKA
sakura Ningō-cho, TOKYO
Yanaka, TOKYO
The best local cherry blossom locations, TOKYO
Sumida, TOKYO

The best cherry blossom activities to do in Tokyo
sakura Miharu, FUKUSHIMA
Morioka, IWATE
Ogawara, MIYAGI
3-May 2017 Hakodate, HOKKAIDO

Source: Japan Weather Associationand Japan Meteorological AgencyJapan Meteorological Agency
As of 21-Apr 2017

*1: Key to the ‘Forecast’ column:

Date / Month The average dates of full bloom from the last 6 years.
Source:Japan Meteorological Agency
Date/Month/2017 The forecast date of the first bloom
Source:Japan Weather Association
sakura The bloom has begun (five or more blossoms on each tree)  They will be full bloom in about one week.
Source:Japan Meteorological Agency
sakura Full bloom. 80% or more of cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Source:Japan Meteorological Agency

*2: There are several varieties of cherry trees in Japan. This forecast is based mainly on the most common variety, the Somei Yoshino cherry tree. The other kind of cherry trees will appear with their popular nickname, if they are introduced.

Cherry blossom forecasts in English for more regions of Japan can be found here:

Why is Sakura important to Japanese people?

Sakura is unofficially the national flower of Japan. Sakura is a lucky charm, because the flowers indicate the arrival of spring. Look at some of the culture inspired by Japanese Sakura.


In ancient Japan, flowers reminded people of the cherry flower. This tradition can still be still seen nowadays in the short style poems of Haiku. People who write Haiku poems use the word ‘Hana’ (flower in English) as the equivalent to Sakura cherry flowers. Other flowers are all indicated by their specific name in this style of poetry. Many Japanese musicians use Sakura as the main theme to their songs. Utada Hikaru, who recently appeared on the Billboard charts, wrote a song titled, “Sakura drops”.

A figurative phrase for successfully passing school entrance exams


We Japanese people say “Sakura Saku!”, when we pass school admission exams. The flower represents fortune and delight. Another reason wee say this, is that most Japanese schools begin their new school year in April. As cherry trees are usually in full bloom from the end of March through the beginning of April, blooming Sakura is associated with successful admission to schools. Cherry trees are often planted inside and around school buildings to add a festive mood to the entrance ceremony.

Hanami, cherry blossom observation


Following the forecast, groups of Japanese people begin to plan their parties. For example, business people will often enjoy parties during the evenings after work. They’ll want to have a prime observation point, so you may see some of them sitting on picnic blankets/sheets in the morning, in order to hold the space for their after work parties.

Please see the recommended activities ranging from night cruises with dinner to Shibazakura festivals if you are interesting in cherry blossom observing.

If you are interested in the relationship between Sakura and the ancient Japanese people, please see this article: Origins of Hanami, the Japanese custom of enjoying beautiful, seasonal flora

Sakura associated products
Japanese people are so concerned with Sakura, that a lot of companies sell products affiliated with it. For example, Starbucks Japan sells Sakura flavored lattes every spring. (I am a big fan of this, but sometimes miss it because it sells out early in the season) Some of the interesting Sakura products have already been unveiled. They are the early notice of the coming of spring!

Sakura flavored Senbei
Sakura flavored Senbei

URL: text only)

Sakura flavored beer
Sakura flavored beer

URL: text only)

Sakura cherry trees are very important to Japanese culture. Let’s find other Sakura related things.

【Other Sakura articles】
Cherry blossom trees represent protection against natural disasters, an idea from the non-profit organization, The Sakura Line 311.
Origins of Hanami, the Japanese custom of enjoying beautiful, seasonal flora

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