7-ELEVEN Seasonal Spring Desserts!!

As spring closes-in, we begin to see colorful sweets and desserts appear in many shops. For those on the go, stopping by a convenience store is the best way to get your hands on a seasonal dessert! So, what does 7-ELEVEN have to offer for Spring 2017?? That’s right!! SAKURA (cherry blossoms) and Strawberry sweets!

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Spring sweets

I will introduce 6 main spring desserts available at 7-ELEVEN that are almost too cute to eat!!

Spring sweets
Sakura Parfait (Tax incl. \298)

A spring-like parfait created with an image of European-Japanese culture in mind.
Pink sakura mousse topped with whipped-cream, matcha-whip, sakura-flavored red bean paste, shiratama, salted sakura petal and cherry.

Spring sweets
Soft Mochi-Sakura Cake (Tax incl. \160)

Red bean paste topped with sakura-flavored whipped cream in a springy sponge cake.
The cute pink dessert is really perfect for spring!

Spring sweets
Sakura Mochi (Tax incl. \130)

Prepared with coarse rice powder, this sakura mochi has a special springy and crunchy texture!!
Enjoy the feeling of spring with this light pink dessert.

Spring sweets
Shiromoko~ Fluffy Fromage (Tax incl. \140)

Both the cream and pastry are white cream puff-flavored. The cheese mousse consists of 2 types of cream cheese mixed with fresh cream from Hokkaido. Egg whites were used to create the soft fluffy texture.

Spring sweets
Spring 3-color Parfait (Tax incl. \280)

A colorful 3-layer parfait with matcha sponge cake, rare cheese mousse and strawberry mousse topped with baked cheesecake, whipped cream, and strawberry whip. You can really taste the difference!

Spring sweets
Mochitoro and Strawberry Achizu (Tax incl. \120)

Daifuku filled with strawberry sauce and rare cheese! It will melt in your mouth~

*Depending on the store, these sweets will be available from 2 weeks to 1 month.

It is hard to choose with so many choices! I hope you find one to your liking!

セブンイレブン(Japanese text only)

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