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How often do you wear make-up?? I’m sure many of you wear make-up on a daily basis…but how often do you clean your make-up brushes? Today, I want to introduce my all-time-favorite product from Japan’s 100 yen store, DAISO. It’s cheap, easy to use, and effective!

What to prepare.

To be honest… I haven’t cleaned my brushes for a while.. ^^; Perfect time to show you how to use the make-up cleaner!

Here are some things you’ll need:
1. paper towel or towel
2. two bowls or cups
3. make-up cleaner
4. dirty brushes!!!
This is optional but I usually prepare two bowls, one with the make-up cleaner and one with water. The instructions on the bottle doesn’t specify whether you need to rinse it with water or not. I think my brushes look cleaner with the final rinse!

Let’s get started.

Step 1

Dip the brush in the cleaner and move in a circular motion. You will see the make-up gradually come off as you do this!

see the make-up coming off!!

…and after!

…and so clean! (My brush naturally has a pink-tone to it, so don’t worry! That isn’t make-up ^^

Here’s another before and after comparison.

dirty brush


clean brush

After you it is clean from the make-up cleaner, just dip the brush in the bowl of water for a final cleaning.
Lastly, dry your brushes with a paper towel or towel and leave them out until they’re dry.

all clean
Look how clean they are!!!

See! It’s that simple!! Please try it if you have the chance! I’m already on my second bottle of this product 😉 It works really well!!

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