Learn from world-renowned artists! Let’s join a special summer course of Japanese cultural experience at Toyo Language School!!

It’s almost time for summer vacation! For those who think about traveling to Japan and cannot be satisfied with a typical travel plan, and those who already live in Japan and want to have a deeper experience, I will introduce a summer course of the Toyo Language School!

Japanese Language and Cultural Experience Course

Highlights of this course include lessons with 3 masters of Japanese culture, as well as spending a relaxing time with some adorable owls!

Mornings will consist of Japanese language “study” time. Rather than just burying your head in a pile of books, we will provide you with practical lessons, enough to be able to communicate with artisans and teachers in Japanese in the afternoon classes.
After language study, we will head to town for lunch and enjoy having “THE” Japanese meal!
After that, the main event, “Deep Japan Tour” awaits you! The world-famous artists teach you how to make traditional Japanese crafts.
Enjoy various experience programs that you wouldn’t usually find on an ordinary tour of Japan, such as amezaiku (Japanese candy craft artistry), Japanese cuisine, and bonsai trees!
Come and spend a special week with us, so you’ll have a once in a lifetime experience to share with your friends back home!

Bonsai experience

Amezaiku experience

There is no need to worry about a place to stay! A hotel will be provided, located just a 10 minutes on foot from our school, and just 30 seconds from the nearest subway station, Nishi-Kasai Station. Every room comes complete with amenities, free internet access, and you also can enjoy a buffet style breakfast! You’ll be able to feel right at home here.

Professional Expertise Course

“I want to work in Japan!” “I want to learn how to be a professional in Japan!”
This course is to help people find work within their field of interests.

On Wednesday afternoons in this course, you can visit a technical school in the group schools, and participate in experience classes, such as anime, manga, and video game design.
Please see the future you want to seek with your own eyes.

Another bonus for this course is that there is plenty of free time! Tokyo in summer is a place full of fun events, like summer festivals and firework displays. From the famous tourist spots like Tokyo Disneyland, to the hidden hot spots, our staff will work with each one of you to create the perfect plan.

This course also offers a chance for a homestay experience! We can promise you a safe, comfortable, and satisfying stay.
Please see what it’s like to spend a typical evening with a friendly Japanese family.

For more details on the summer course, please check out our website.
the summer course

What kind of place is Toyo Language School?

Located near Nishikasai station, where is just 20 minutes from Tokyo station. It is easy to get access to the city center, and surrounded by many large parks that is full of greenery. It is the perfect environment for studying.
Our school offers 5 different study plans including technical school, college, graduate school, art school, and job hunting support. Among these, our art school is very popular and boasts 6 years of excellence.

classroom scene

Our Japanese course’s strength is that you can learn “practical Japanese language”! With the help of over 1000 locals each year, we provide you with a real opportunity to practice your Japanese. Toyo Language School is a member of The Jikei Group of Colleges, with over 70 locations throughout Japan! Trial lessons at the technical school for anime, medicine, etc. are also available.
We have a great staff to help you through your study abroad life with housing support, health consultation, etc.
Our school also provides various opportunities to communicate with locals and experience Japanese culture and customs through local events.

Toyo Language School will be participating in the “27th Kasai ‘Way of The Four Seasons’ ・Nitta Area Festival” on May 28th (Sunday) around ‘Nitta Roku-go Park’, so please join us! There will be a chance to try various types of dumplings from all over the world!

Toyo Language School:

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Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

Tadaima Japan Editorial Team

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Address 7-6-3 Nishikasai Edogawa-ku, Tokyo
Hours 8:30am-9:00pm on weekdays
9:00am-5:00pm on Saturday
Price Summer Course;
・A Plans : From 152,000 yen
・B Plans:From 103,000 yen
Close .
Access 8 minutes’ walk from the south exit of Nishi-Kasai station on Tokyo Metro Tozai Line.
Phone 03-5605-6211
Website http://www.en.tls-japan.com/