New menu is released! 「Your Name」Themed Café in Ikebukuro Parco in Tokyo now OPEN!

The ever so popular themed café for the 2016 hit animation movie, [Your Name] has reopened! On April 26th 2017, the café will open in Parco in Ikebukuro. Along with its reappearance, there is also a new menu waiting for you!

2017-05-26 Olive   Festivals & Events, Food & Drinks,

(c)2016 Your name production team

New Menu!

In addition to the previous items, there are some new delicious foods and drinks waiting to be discovered. I will show you a sneak peak of the new menu!

New Menu

Taki and Mitsuha’s Message ice latte 730 yen
(c)2016 Your name production team

To complete the ice latte, simply pour the milk onto the cotton candy. This was made with the image of the clouds. Once the cloud melts, their messages will be revealed! What kind of message is awaiting?

Tokyo’s first appearance

The lunchbox made by Mitsuha (with the original lunch box) 1,380yen
(c)2016 Your name production team

Original Menu

Autumns’ Itomori Mousse and sweet sake 1,300 yen
(c)2016 Your name production team

Something to remind you of autumn.

Ramen House Yoshino no Ramen(with small character card)1,180 yen
(c)2016 Your name production team

In addition to the ramen ordered by the three people, it also comes with the rice ball which the shop owner made for Taki.

You changed!? Tachibana family and Miyasui family’s breakfast(with character card)1,280 yen
(c)2016 Your name production team

Whose breakfast will you eat?Taki’s or Mitsuha’s?

Your Name: Limited Goods only available at the Café.

Not only has the menu changed, there is also an addition to the goods sold at the café!
Folders, mug sets, phone cases, etc. only available at the café!

Your Name. Café goods
(c)2016 Your name production team

Open for only a limited time, 「Your Name」café, delve into the their world!

Your Name. Café Ikebukuro

  • Place:Ikebukuro Parco 7F・THE GUEST cafe&diner
  • Date:April 26th 2017~May 24th 2017
  • Time:10:00am ~ 10:00pm (Last order for food: 9:00pm Last order for drinks: 9:30pm)
    ※On the last day the shop closes at 19:00(Last order for food: 6:00pm Last order for drinks: 6:30pm)
  • Web THE GUEST cafe&diner(Japanese text only)

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Address 1-28-2, Minamiikebukuro, Toshima-ward,Tokyo
Hours 10:00am ~ 10:00pm (Last order for food: 21:00 Last order for drinks: 21:30)
Price -
Close -
Access 1min from JR Ikebukuro station east exit
Phone -