The theme is ‘The Japan that I love most’.
Send us your best picture that shows your love for Japanese culture and get a chance to win a traditional Japanese prize!
Open: March 16 to March 31

How to apply

1.Check our rules and the theme for this contest

2.On Facebook: Post the picture you would like to submit in the comments below this post. Write the title for your picture in the comment.

On Instagram or Twitter: Post your picture and its title with the hashtag #tadaimajp_2018spring

3.The theme this time is ‘The Japan that I love most’. You can participate even if you have never been to Japan. For example, the picture can be:
 ・A picture of your favorite Japanese food
 ・A picture of you in Japanese clothing
 ・Your favorite item made in Japan
 ・A picture of you with a Japanese celebrity (e.g.: singer, sumo wrestler…)
 ・A picture of you doing a traditional Japanese cultural activity (e.g.: playing Go) or sport (e.g.: karate)
 ・A place in your home country that reminds you of Japan

4.The Tadaima Japan editorial team will first select the 6 best pictures. The selection will be made based on the pictures’ aesthetics, originality, humour, etc.

5.Tadaima Japan followers will then be asked to vote for their favorite picture on social media.

6.The three pictures with the most votes will win the prize.

7.The winners can choose their favorite prize among these three :
 ・A high-quality cedar bento box
 ・Japanese chopsticks decorated with genuine gold leaves
 ・A 30cm high Daruma (Japanese lucky charm)

8.The winning pictures will be exhibited for a month in the Japanese traditional inn ‘Tadaima Japan Shinjuku Ryokan’ in Tokyo.

Contest Prizes

● A handmade cedar bento box engraved with your name

This is an authentic, high quality cedar ‘bento’ box (Japanese lunch box).
Cedar lunch boxes have been used by the Japanese since ancient times. Cedar wood is not only pleasing to the eye, but it also has great dehumidification and conservation properties, making it perfect to carry your lunch in any season.

● Chopsticks and chopstick rests decorated with gold leaves

These beautiful chopsticks and chopsticks rests are decorated with genuine gold leaves produced in Kanazawa!
Kanazawa is a city with a history of over 400 years of gold leaf making and produces more than 99% of Japan’s gold leaves. In Japan, gold leaves can be seen on famous temples such as the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto or on traditional paintings, but you can also find them on lacquerware or potteries.
These chopsticks are handmade by experienced craftsmen who used gold leaves and gold powder to represent stars crossing a hazy sky.
The set includes two sets of chopsticks and two chopstick rests.

● A Daruma Doll (Japanese lucky charm)

Daruma dolls are very popular traditional Japanese lucky charms! The one you can win is 30cm high and is made in Takasaki, a city in Gunma prefecture which is famous for its distinctively styled Daruma dolls.
Its design is full of good omens. The eyebrows are shaped to represent cranes, and the beard is shaped to represent turtles, which both are symbols of longevity in Japanese culture. The kanji , which means good luck, is painted on its chest. And if you try to make it fall off its feet, it will come back to its original position by itself! 

How to use your Daruma doll
Make a wish, or think about a goal you want to reach, and paint its left eye. Give it a soul. When your wish is granted, or you have reached your goal, paint the other eye. Your Daruma doll will then continue to protect you from all sorts of troubles forever.


1.The contest is open from March 16 to March 31 (Japan time).
2.Anyone, anywhere in the world can participate.
3.The applicant can submit one picture only.
4.The picture must be taken by the applicant. If Tadaima Japan finds out the picture was taken by someone else, the applicant will be banned from the contest.
5.The picture must respect the rights of others (copyright, trademark, privacy rights, etc.…) Please make sure to ask the permission of the people appearing on the picture, or the permission of the company owning any trademarks or copyrights. Tadaima Japan will not be held responsible in case of conflicts or problems relative to copyright infringement. In case of such events, the applicant will be considered responsible for their actions and will have to solve the conflict themselves.
6.The contest will take place on Tadaima Japan social media.
7.Winners will be contacted via private message, so we can send them their prize by post.

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