Bunkyo Hydrangea Festival (Sat. June 9 to to Sun. June 17 )

Hydrangea at Hakusan Shrine> Picture source: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/sugi713/e/7280e1d080d6eb7b5d9eec89cbac7685

Place: Hakusan Park and Hakusan Shrine

 Every year about 3000 hydrangea flowers bloom in Bunkyo ward and some events take place on the weekend around Hakusan Park. 

Official websitehttp://www.b-kanko.jp/festival/ajisai.html

 Access: 3mn on foot from Hakusan station (Tokyo Metro Mita Line) or 5 mn from Hon-Komagome station (Tokyo Metro Namboku Line)

Fussa Fireflies Festival (Sat. June 16)

the fireflies in Fussa are of the Genji hotaru kind. Picture source: https://www.atpress.ne.jp/news/105999

Place : Fussa City Hotaru Park and near Tamagawa Aqueduct

Fussa is a city about on hour from Shinjuku by train. Every year, Fussa citizens breed about 500 fireflies and then enjoy their lights. Many events will also take place on the main stage: Dances, taiko drums concert, traditional music concerts, etc. You can also enjoy the usual festival food as there will be about 40 food stalls and other shops. You can start to see the fireflies at around 7:00pm.

 Official website (Japanese Only): http://www.fussakanko.jp/pa0206.html

Access : 10mn from Ushihama station (JR Ome Line) or 7mn from Kumagawa station (JR Itsukaichi Line)

Kagura and Gagaku performance at Musashi Mitake Shrine (Sun. June 17)

Place: Musashi Mitake Shrine (Mount Mitake)

Kagura dance at Mitake Shrine. Picture source: https://blog.goo.ne.jp/hoshi32/e/3d62fcb1ca93a02c7a22b9d8684b1f15

An exceptional chance to witness Kagura, or Shinto religion theatrical dance, on the sound of Gagaku (Imperial music), in a very special setting: Mount Mitake.

You can see the morning show at 11:00am or the evening show at 20:00pm.

Official website: musashimitakejinja.jp

Access: JR train from Shinjuku station (about 2h), then a short bus ride to the bottom of the cable car, and finally a short walk to the shrine from the top of the cable car. 

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